How to Incorporate Real Flowers Into a Wedding Hairstyle

by More How-tos

How to Incorporate Real Flowers Into a Wedding Hairstyle

Real, fresh flowers are the ultimate accessories for a unique wedding hairstyle. Adding flowers to your hair can create a beautiful, romantic look regardless of your wedding theme and location; but I find this trend especially appropriate for more casual beach weddings, whether you go with a single bold bloom or a cluster of tropical flowers.



1. There are several rules for incorporating real flowers into a wedding hairstyle. For starters, flowers work best incorporated into an updo that has some structure, rather than a style where your hair is left down and loose. I recommend that you tell your hairstylist up front that you would like to incorporate real flowers into your wedding style, and he or she can help you determine both the most appropriate style and the most flattering flower for it. Smaller bunches of flowers are more flattering with intricate hairstyles, whereas large blooms work well with simple updos.


2. The placement of the flower is important beyond just flattering the hairstyle. I wouldn’t recommend using real flowers near your skin, as they could cause an allergic reaction. Additionally, sweat and oil can transfer the flower’s color to your skin as well as cause the flower to appear wilted.


3. A good florist or a hairstylist experienced with wedding styles may be able to help you select the type of flowers that will best suit your hairstyle and wedding theme. The possibilities are nearly endless, but I recommend the following types of flowers because they are resilient, flattering, and easy to incorporate into a wedding hairstyle: Cymbidium orchid, baby’s breath, freesia, daisy, stephanotis, Asiatic lily, spray rose, and wax flower.


4. Even if you position the flowers away from your skin, you’ll still want to take extra steps to ensure that they stay fresh. A wilted flower will detract from your special day rather than add to it, so select fresh, resilient blooms. I suggest keeping the flowers in a cooler or the refrigerator until right before you use them. Also, be sure to apply any hairspray or styling products before inserting the flowers into your hair, as the alcohol and other chemicals in these products can damage delicate blooms.


5. When it comes to positioning the flowers, hairpins fastened along the stem work best, whether you’re working with a single large flower or clusters of smaller blossoms. When working with smaller individual flowers, you might pierce the center of the flower with a small hairpin (choose a beaded variety) and stick it directly into the hair.


If you follow these simple steps, you can incorporate real flowers into a wedding hairstyle without adding any unnecessary drama to your big day. If you’re not sure what will work best, don’t be afraid to get your hairstylist and florist in on the decision-making process.


Written by Amber Hilton