How to Tease Your Hair for Extra Volume

by Jenny Strebe

How to Tease Your Hair for Extra Volume

Volume, height, and lift. When it comes to our hair, these three little words are everything! Here are the tips and products you need to turn limp locks into runway ready looks.

woman teasing hair
Hair photo via Shutterstock



Who doesn’t like a little lift at the roots? One of the best ways to add volume to your hair is to tease your tresses. We’re not talking Farrah Fawcett proportions, but a little tease can go a long way toward a voluminous style that lasts. To have the best teased tresses you’ll need the right tools, products, and techniques. Here’s what you need to know:



When it comes to tools, the requirements are simple: A rat-tail comb is all that’s needed. This is my preference because the end of the comb can be helpful for taking sections plus you can use it to detail the shape of you hair after back-combing it.




The right products are crucial to achieve a long-lasting style. If your hair is resistant to teasing, try blow drying a salt spray in your tresses for some grip, texture, and hold. Dry shampoo is also a great volumizer because it gives texture, ensuring both a better tease and hold.





  1. Take 1-2 inch sections from the top of the head. Hold the hair away from the scalp and spray a dry shampoo at the roots
  2. Use a rat-tail comb and push the comb down into the roots, starting in the mid-shaft of the hair. Release comb and repeat
  3. Comb over the teased sections to smooth the top layer
  4. If you’ve flattened any pieces out, take the end of your comb and place it in the area its flattened, then pull up to allow your locks to get full again
  5. Once your hair is in place and smooth, set the style with a medium hold spray


And that’s it: Big, sexy hair can be yours!


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