This Flat Iron With Near-Perfect Reviews Creates Straight, Wavy, and Curly Hair Looks — And I Put It to the Test

by Caroline Harris

This Flat Iron With Near-Perfect Reviews Creates Straight, Wavy, and Curly Hair Looks — And I Put It to the Test

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While in quarantine, I’ve been spending lots of time scrolling through the web in search of interesting beauty trends. I figure now is the time to experiment with my look —  if the results are horrendous, at least only my family will be there to judge me. My latest goal has been to figure out how to curl my short hair with a flat iron. Lucky for me, my quest for curls coincided perfectly with the launch of the T3 Lucea, a multipurpose styling iron that can create straight, wavy, and curly hair looks. I was over the moon when T3 sent me a sample — my hairstyling journey was officially underway.


Right away I loved the sleek design of the T3 Lucea, which features white ceramic plates with rose-gold accents. Since the hot tool has advanced insulation, it’s easy to grip and I didn’t need to reach for a pair of protective hair styling gloves. The Lucea iron heated up quickly (delivering instant gratification) and featured nine heat settings to choose based on your hair type, texture, and hairstyling goals. 


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I went with the fourth heat setting and after a few swipes, my hair was already looking smoother, silkier, and softer. It was also looking much less frizzy, which is a big bonus in California’s consistently warm weather. Basic millennial that I am, I immediately broadcasted the results on my Instagram Story — and the compliments came rolling in.


caroline straight hair t3 flat iron


Now came time for the true test. Could I use the T3 Lucea to create curls or waves?


How to Curl Your Hair With a Flat Iron


My straight hair doesn’t hold a curl. This has been a source of frustration ever since I saw a picture of Shirley Temple when I was eight and concluded ringlets were the coolest hairstyle ever. Committed, I scoured YouTube hair tutorials until I stumbled upon a technique called heated braid waves. Basically, you braid your hair normally, run a flat iron over the braids, let your hair down, and voilà — beautiful, beachy waves.



I divided my hair into four braids — feeling a little like Pippi Longstocking in the process — and secured the end of each braid with a small hair tie. Note: I wanted bigger waves but if you’re looking for tight curls, simply add in multiple little braids and French braid the top of your hair to the root. I then went in with the T3 Lucea, carefully clamping down on each of the braids for a few seconds using the fourth heat setting. After letting my hair cool, I gently released each of my braids and was thrilled at the sight of my partially wavy, partially crimped hair. This look surpassed my expectations, looking delightfully boho and adding both texture and volume to my normally flat hair.


caroline wavy hair t3 flat iron


My hair was noticeably softer and more voluminous after using the T3 Lucea. My mom even exclaimed, “Wow, so much body!” as soon as she saw me, so my heated “braid wave experiment” was definitely a success. Of course, heated braid waves aren’t the only way to curl your hair with a flat iron. You can also create alternating waves by wrapping your hair around the flat iron, as seen in this YouTube tutorial.


I’m now convinced everyone needs a T3 Lucea in their life to create a variety of fun hairstyles. My stamp approval aside, the Lucea also has a near-perfect 4.7 rating on Ulta, and scored all five-star reviews on Sephora before it sold out. The Lucea heats up quickly and delivers consistent heat during styling. It allows you to create versatile looks while also reducing frizz and boosting softness in the process. Plus, it comes with a 9-foot cord and an auto-off feature for added convenience, and  the Lucea will look so great on your vanity or Instagram Story. Below, snag a T3 Lucea for yourself so that every day can be a great hair day.



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T3 Lucea 1” Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron