How to Use Hot Rollers to Create Volume

by Amber Hilton

How to Use Hot Rollers to Create Volume

Learning how to use hot rollers can shave time off your daily hair routine. This simple styling technique works well for day or evening styles and can set while you’re putting on makeup. With these five steps, you’ll have voluminous waves in no time.




I bought my first set of hot rollers when I was 15 and have never been without this essential beauty tool since. When I got to college, I was surprised to find that none of my new friends used hot rollers as part of their hairstyling routines. Not only can you create beautiful curls using hot rollers, but you can also use hot rollers to create amazing volume. Here are five tips on how to use hot rollers like a pro.



  • 1. If I’ve learned one thing over the years (besides how to create great hairstyles), it’s that not every set of hot rollers is created equal. Whether you shop for yours at a beauty supply store or at your local Target or Walmart, the size of the set you select will determine the types of styles that you can create. Rollers less than one inch in circumference are good for creating curls, whereas larger rollers work well for creating volume. If you want to create many different looks, opt for a versatile set that offers several different sizes of rollers.


  • 2. When volume is my goal, I use only the biggest rollers in my set. After plugging my rollers in and getting them nice and hot, I begin with a large section of hair at the very front of my crown. I pull the section straight up, place a hot roller at the end, and then roll it down toward my scalp, securing it with a roller pin (Note: roller sets that come with clips rather than pins can leave marks in your hair).


  • 3. I continue the process on the crown of my head, working my way from front to back. Next, I roll the hair on the sides of my head, working my way from top to bottom. The first time I put in hot rollers, I remember that I felt a bit awkward, but once I got the hang of it, setting my hair in rollers became quick and easy.


  • 4. The setting process is the easiest part of using hot rollers to create volume; all you need to do is sit back and relax while the rollers cool. If you take them out before they’ve cooled down, you won’t get optimal volume. I use this time to apply my makeup or pick out what I’m going to wear.


  • 5. Once the rollers have cooled, I take them out in the approximate opposite order that I put them in, starting on the bottom at the sides and working my way to the crown. I use my fingers to comb through the loose curls; then I style and set them with hair spray. Avoid brushing through the curls, as this will eliminate some of the volume.


Hot rollers may not be as commonplace as flat irons or curling irons, but I believe that every woman with longer hair should own a set, whether you use them to create sexy volume, luscious curls, or both. Don’t be intimidated by them; I find that they’re actually easier to use than a curling iron.