How to Wash Your Hair For Best Results

by admin

How to Wash Your Hair For Best Results

We all wash our hair. But did you know there is a right way to do it? 

1. Detangle, Detangle, Detangle! You don’t want to make the mistake and put water in your hair and it’s not detangled. Knots and Tangle City I tell ya. It’s hard to get a hair knot out and it’s even harder if your hair is wet. Remember: your hair is weaker and more fragile when it’s wet. I did this one time and I had so many knots. I’ve actually done this more than once! Divide your hair into four sections and detangle each part separately.

2. Add some oil to your mane while concentrating on the ends. I use coconut oil. Shampoos have harsh ingredients that have a tendency to strip your strands. The oils prep them for the manipulation.

3. Get in the shower. Not under the kitchen or bathtub faucet. Tangle city again! Under a shower head the water pushes the hair straight down and you are less likely to get tangles. I remember when I would wash my hair under the kitchen sink and then I would spend ten to fifteen minutes just trying to untangle the mess. Not anymore.

4. Don’t pile your hair on top of your head. This is piggy backing off of #3. Just let your hang straight down. As I mentioned before … tangle city.

5. Apply the shampoo to your hands and fingertips. Knead your fingertips into your scalp. Really get the shampoo on your scalp because your mission is to clean it. Concentrate the most on your scalp. It’s the pits to scratch your scalp after washing and have white dirt under your nails. Yuck! Wash your hair in sections if you need too. I divide my hair into two sections, but some ladies divide their hair into four. It’s a personal preference thing.

6. Invest in a wide tooth shower comb. Jilbere and Conair make great ones. I have a purple Conair and it’s great. I don’t miss that $1.50 I spent on it at all! A good shower comb will assist in keeping your hair untangled.

These tips will definitely help in creating a great hair wash day. Does anyone have any tips they use on hair wash day? Spill!