I Tossed Out My Sun-In And Gave Ouai Sun Of A Beach Spray A Go

by Sidney Burds

I Tossed Out My Sun-In And Gave Ouai Sun Of A Beach Spray A Go

I said goodbye to brassy and hello to natural summer highlights.


We reported back in April when Ouai made headlines advertising its latest summer essential, Sun of a Beach Ombre Spray. The product was promising a tall order: to boost your existing lighter strands with a naturally sunkissed glow that won’t leave your hair with the brassy copper tone of your ‘90s Sun-In.


The skeptic in me wondered if it was too good to be true.


Ouai for years has pumped out amazing products for summer. The Ouai Wave Spray is always in my pool bag, and because my hair for once was back to its natural ginger-esque roots I thought why not?


First impressions: I love the bottle. It’s wrapped in a holographic, transparent cover that reflects a rainbow assortment of colors every time it’s hit with light. The size is also a win; at just 4.7 fluid ounces, I can slip it in my bag without feeling weighed down.

Upon first test spritz, I can only describe the scent as vacation in a bottle. I’m transported from my work desk to memories of my girls trip to Turks and Caicos last summer with salty air, the softest sand I’ve ever felt, and rum drinks around the clock. Ouai defines the scent as OUAI Number 6, a blend of Fijian coconut and pineapple that smells as delicious as it sounds. Seriously, if I could make this article a scratch-and-sniff I would because everyone needs to get a whiff of this beach in a bottle.


Time for testing. I found this Instagram how-to video from Ouai to be very helpful. My goal was an all over sunkissed look, so I went with their suggestion of separating my layers, lightly spritzing mid-shaft to ends, and combing through to distribute the product.

The spray was a fine mist and easy to work through my long ginger-colored locks. I made sure to stretch my naturally very curly hair into loose beach waves for easier before-and-after viewing pleasure.


Here is my before picture taken in my apartment.




My hair naturally already has a wide assortment of shades going on, I was born with bright red hair, it then all grew out, came back bleached blonde, and ever since has not been able to make up its mind.


I crossed my fingers as I spritzed, stepped out into the sun, and hoped for the best.


Fast-forward three weeks to what my hair looks like today! I ended up using the Ouai Sun of a Beach Spray almost any chance I had where I knew I was going to be spending time outside. To the farmer’s market, patio drinks after work, pool days with friends, etc.


Because I see myself all day every day, it was hard at first to notice a significant difference in my hair color, I knew it was getting lighter but couldn’t see how much it had truly changed until taking the after photo (below) while at lunch today.




The lightness is real! You can visibly see not only an overall lighter color, but my natural highlights have been emphasized because of this product. The overall color is a glowy honey with absolutely no brassy orange in sight.


If you’ve been done wrong by Sun-In or chunky highlight trends of the past and want to take your hair on the lighter, naturally highlighted side then I highly recommend this lightening spray!


It will leave your hair looking like you’ve been spending your days in paradise and canceling your next color appointment. Make sure you shop the Ouai Sun of a Beach Spray ASAP; it’s already sold out on Ouai’s website, and with 10k loves on Sephora and counting, it’s sure to move fast.


OUAI Sun of a Beach Ombré Spray

OUAI Sun of a Beach Ombré Spray, Sephora, $24