To Infinity Braid and Beyond! Give This New Style a Try

by Ulrika Edler

To Infinity Braid and Beyond! Give This New Style a Try

Add a personal twist to the low ponytail trend with an infinity braid. The look is fresh, easy, and totally boho-chic. Plus, you need only a small elastic to keep your mane in check. This summer, skip the old hair ties and give this braid a try.


Put away your old elastics, clips, and headbands! This season, an infinity braid is the only accessory you need for your low ponytail. It’s perfect for keeping your hair on lock without relying on your tired hair accessories. Freshen up your hairstyles with this unique braiding technique; don’t worry, it’s easier than you think.


Infinity Braid: Steps 1-2


1. Divide your hair in two parts, and take a small piece of hair from the right side.


2. Cross the piece of hair over the right part that is directly next to it.


Infinity Braid: Steps 3-4


3. Then, cross it under the left part.


4. Wrap it around the left part.


Infinity Braid: Steps 5-6


5. Then take it under and around the right part. It´s like creating the numeral eight.


6. Continue by crossing the piece of hair under the left part again. By now, you’ll start to run out of hair. So, pick up a new piece of hair—this time from the left side—and incorporate it with the piece of hair you already have. If your hair is shorter than the model’s, you might have to pick up a piece of hair sooner.


Infinity Braid: Steps 7-8


7. Take the joined piece of hair, and cross it over the left part, then under and around the right part. Then go back under and around the left part. Again, pick up a new piece of hair when you start to run out of hair, join the pieces together, and continue like this for a few inches.


8. To secure the braid, take your piece of hair in between the two parts of hair so it’s on the backside of the braid; then take a small piece of hair from each side of the parts, still on the backside, join them together and secure with a small clear elastic or one in the same color as your hair.


That’s really all there is to it! For more tutorials like this, visit Ulrika at Yet Another Beauty Site.