Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: 15 of Her Most Glamorous Looks

by Hilary Braaksma

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles: 15 of Her Most Glamorous Looks

Jennifer Lopez hairstyles are always full of shine, volume, and so much glamour. I don’t know a woman on earth who doesn’t want her hair. But most of us have a few problems, namely: We don’t have personal hairstylists on call, and our locks aren’t made from liquid gold. No worries, ladies. Even mere mortals can re-create these 15 fabulous styles.




Slightly Parted Bangs





It’s been a while since J.Lo rocked a full bang, but we have to admit it looks great on her. If you have long bangs, or are in the middle of growing yours out, this slightly parted style is perfect. Begin by blow-drying wet bangs with a round brush. Blow-dry them as if you would wear them curled under and straight across your forehead, even if they are covering your eyes. When you’re done, separate them lightly, and use your hands to manipulate the curl slightly outward rather than straight under. Spray with hairspray, or set with a styling putty to keep them in place.





Top Knot





J.Lo’s chic topknot is the best style when you need to look polished, but you hit the snooze button a few too many times. To get this look, dampen hair with a spray bottle and pull it into a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail into three sections, and wrap each tightly around the base of the pony, securing with a bobby pin. Rough up the topknot a little with your hands to give it texture; then finish with a high-shine hairspray.





Romantic Ponytail





This low-key, soft look is perfect for date night, and it can be pulled off in a matter of minutes. Part hair in the center, and tease the top layer softly at the crown. Use a 1-inch curling iron on the ends of your hair, brush through and pull into a loose, low ponytail. Secure with a clear elastic, and loosen a few pieces near the temples to create a relaxed vibe.










This sexy half-up hairstyle is a little more complicated than it looks. Start by pulling the very front section of your hair back to the crown and securing with an elastic: Be sure to pull back only your bangs or where bangs would be if you had them. Next, on the right and left sides, pull back the remaining hair from the ear up and secure it with a bobby pin, and arrange the leftover length in a way that disguises the pin to create a cohesive, half-up look. Curl the ends, and set the pulled-back section with a super-hold hairspray.





Textured Chignon





To get this sexy, old-school chignon, start by parting your hair in the center. Tease your hair a lot at the crown—until it’s sticking up in a ridiculous mess—and then brush over it lightly with a soft-bristle brush to create high but controlled volume. Pull the remaining hair into a low bun, and secure it with bobby pins. Spray with a medium-hold hairspray, and lightly curl your bangs for a soft touch.





Straight and Relaxed





J.Lo is known for big hair but she makes loose, straight locks look just as gorgeous. This look starts straight out of the shower: You’ll need to apply a straightening serum, a root lifer, and a heat-protecting spray to damp hair (hey, we said it looked relaxed – not that you get to actually relax.) Use a paddle brush and a blow dryer to add a soft, curled-under look, then touch up any places around the roots that may not be stick-straight.





Sleek Bun





This big, slicked-back bun is classic J.Lo style, and it’s all glam. Like most of her hairstyle looks, this one starts off with a tight, high ponytail. Separate the length of the ponytail into three or four sections (using clips to hold them in place), and lightly coat each one with a hair oil that’s designed to add shine. Wrap each section under loosely, facing down, until you reach the base of the ponytail. Pin each rolled section with bobby pins, loosening the rolls and pinning them together as needed to create a unified look.





Thick Spirals





You don’t need natural curls to pull off this effortless wavy look. You just need a 1-inch curling wand, texturizing spray, and some patience. To make your hair look this thick, you’ll need to curl several layers, starting from the bottom up. Starting at the nape of your neck, you’ll wrap 1-inch sections of hair around the curling wand, from root to tip. When you’re finished with one thin layer of hair, set it with flexible-hold hairspray, and then let down another thin layer. Finish this all the way to the top, paying special attention the curls near the front. Finish with a texturizing spray, and run your fingers through it lightly to create a playful, natural look.





Big Blowout





We know, blowouts are time-consuming, and J.Lo probably has the most talented team around doing hers. But guess what? You can cheat on this look. You’ll still need to blow-dry your hair with a round brush, but you can skip the wrist-killing curling techniques and finish the look with hot rollers. Blow-dry your hair until the roots have major volume and the length is completely dry; then set your hair with large hot rollers, and let them do the work!





Soft Side Bangs





Jennifer Lopez—and practically every other celebrity—rocks the middle part so much lately that we’ve almost forgotten how flattering a little side swoop can be. If you need to train your bangs to go back to the side, start by blow drying your wet tresses to the side with a paddle brush, then using a flat iron to add a soft swoop at the end for a pretty, effortless transition to the rest of your style.





Beachy Waves





You may not always have J.Lo’s sunkissed glow, but you can totally get her beachy waves (no actual vacation time required). To achieve this look, it’s best to start with day-old hair (it holds curl better, and washing your hair is no fun anyway.) Let your hair part naturally; then wrap 1-inch sections of hair around a 1-1/2″ curling iron, starting near the jawline and leaving a 1-inch section loose at the end. Don’t worry about curling layer by layer or getting every piece; perfect, uniform curls aren’t what you’re going for with this. When you’re done curling, run your fingers through the ends to break up the curls and finish with a sea-salt spray.





Classic Curls





This Jennifer Lopez hairstyle is very Southern belle, but it can definitely be adapted to make you the star of any formal event you attend. Spritz a heat-protecting spray over dry strands; then set your hair with medium-size hot rollers for a tighter, more classic curl. Part your hair close to the middle, and lightly pull apart the curls for a voluminous look. Spray with a flexible-hold hairspray, and be ready to turn heads.





French Twist





A French twist is the ultimate style statement, but beware: It’s an extremely formal look, and not something you should rock for a date or girls’ night out. If you have a wedding, formal dance, or anything else that requires a polished hairstyle, this is your go-to. Start by teasing your hair at the crown and misting the length with a texturizing spray. Comb all your hair to one side, and then use bobby pins down the center of your head to keep the hair in place. Gather the length, and twist it in an upward motion over the bobby pins; then secure the twist with more pins. Set with a super-hold hairspray.





High Volume Pony





This has got to be one of our favorite, easiest-to-copy Jennifer Lopez hairstyles. Start by letting your hair air-dry, because natural texture is best for this laid-back look. Spray a texturizer at the roots for added volume; then pull your hair back into a casual ponytail. Separate the pony into three layers, and tease each one with a teasing comb; then spritz with hairspray for guaranteed hold. Spray the length with a sea-salt spray for extra texture, and you’re good to go.





Glamorous Low Ponytail





Start this super-sexy look by creating a deep side part, and lightly tease the top few layers of the thicker side. Smooth out the teased area; then curl your hair with a 1-inch curling wand, starting below the chin. After you remove the curling wand, hold the curl in your hand while it cools (for about 10-15 seconds) before releasing to ensure a tight, long-lasting curl. Pull your hair into a low ponytail, being careful not to pull apart the spirals. Loosely curl any front pieces away from your face, and finish with a flexible-hold hairspray.