Jessica Alba Hairstyles to Steal

by Rachel Weeks

Jessica Alba Hairstyles to Steal

Jessica Alba has worn a lot of glamorous hairstyles. But as a busy actress, model, businesswoman, and mother, she knows the importance of a day-to-day style that’s flattering and easy. We’ve compiled steal-worthy Jessica Alba hairstyles—from casual to red-carpet-ready—and some tips to help you get the look yourself.


Ombre Waves



This is one of our favorite Jessica Alba hairstyles. Wavy styles like this are modern without being too trendy and look effortless without being too casual. Plus, it’s easy to get a similar texture without even applying heat.


Soft & Cute



Alba keeps her look soft and natural to go with her lilac lace gown. If you are interested in giving ombre a try but are worried about the commitment, take a hint from this look, and keep it subtle especially if your hair isn’t very long. This look is on trend but not overwhelmingly so.


Braided Ponytail



Who says ponytails aren’t sexy? Start with a deep side part all the way to the nape of your neck, and secure the big chunk out of the way. Then, French braid around the back of your head and secure. Brush or comb your hair to the nape of your neck—or slightly to one side if you prefer—add the tail of the French braid and fasten with a hooked elastic. Finally, remove the elastic from the braid and blend with the rest of your pony.


Side-Swept Waves



Va-va-voom. This hairstyle captures Alba’s effortless beauty and really shows off her signature honey hair color. Plus, side-swept styles like this one are great for giving fine hair a little extra volume. Find out how you can get the look.


Curled Updo



We love this partially undone ‘do with a sparkly gown. It would be perfect for a wedding or anytime you need a little glamour in your life. Plus, it isn’t hard to re-create: Leave out a 1-inch strand of hair, and go over it with a curling iron.


Old Hollywood Curls



Alba nails this stylish combination of classic beauty and modern style—check out her mod alligator dress and spike earring. Get glamorous curls like these for your next big event. You may not be walking the red carpet, but you’ll look like you should be.


Romantic Updo



Oval faces like Alba’s are flattered by almost every style, but they really lend themselves to updos like this one. It opens up her face and accentuates her smile without looking overly “done.” Try out this romantic updo for a similar look.


Bombshell Waves



Jessica Alba would be a bombshell no matter what her hair looked like, but these killer waves make sure everybody knows it. Get loose, slightly messy waves like these by curling large pieces of hair and then separating them with styling cream.


Polished Lob



This waved lob is the picture of elegance, and it’s extremely flattering. The deep side part gives her fine hair volume, the side bang highlights her eyes, and the long earrings give this look the perfect amount of embellishment. If your hair is naturally pretty straight, use a round brush and a blow dryer to pump some life into your straight locks.


Heavy Fringe



After seeing this look, the DC staff got a serious case of bang envy. Heavy fringe accentuates her sky-high cheekbones and dark brown eyes. However, blunt bangs like these require a lot of upkeep. You’ll have to visit a stylist regularly for a trim, or learn how to cut them yourself.


Symmetrical Lob



Oval face shapes like Alba’s are versatile; they allow for side parts, deep side parts, and even—like this cut—center parts. But the story behind this blunt lob isn’t about flattering a face shape, it’s about giving fine hair a little extra volume without a lot of extra work.


Blonde Bob



Every once in a while, Alba goes blonde. While we can’t say it’s our favorite color on her, we totally approve of this cut. The short, side-parted bob does her fine hair good without much maintenance. Simply blow dry damp hair straight with a round brush. Then, spray with a light hold hairspray to set.


Casual Chic



Alba is known for her effortless, laid-back style. So, we love that she paired this chevron sequin dress with natural makeup and loose, messy waves. To get the undone look, wrap 1- or-2-inch sections of hair around a 1-inch curling barrel. At the front, curl from the root to frame your face, but keep the rest of your curls below your ears all the way around your head for a natural look.


Faux Undercut



Alba and Sin City costar Rosario Dawson showed off matching undercuts (of course, Jessica’s is faux!) at the Comic-Con International panel, but they both looked very trendy and very cool. If you want all the style without the commitment, here’s how you can get the look.


Sophisticated Updo



We’d be remiss not to mention her glowing skin right off the bat. Wow! But we also love this elegant updo on her. To keep your ‘do looking polished, carefully use a comb and a small amount of gel to smooth flyaways.





To get this chic look, nix the hair altogether and focus the attention on your facial features with a more dramatic beauty look; in this case, it’s a smoldering eye and glowing skin. All you need to mimic this hairstyle is a dab of hair gel; then, feel free to play with your makeup!