Kelly Osbourne Has Put A New Twist On The Hottest Braid Trend

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Kelly Osbourne Has Put A New Twist On The Hottest Braid Trend

Thanks to hairstylist Joseph DiMaggio, Kelly Osbourne just debuted a super cool version of one of the trendiest braided looks this season.

Kelly Osbourne's hair and style is one that is seemingly always changing. From her asymmetrical hot pink 'do in 2002, a bleached mohawk the following year, her current lilac locks, and everything in between, it's hard to find something Osbourne hasn't tried on her hair.

But leave it to celebrity hairstylist and creator of the hair tools line Shuhari Pro Joseph Dimaggio to work some magic in her lilac-colored Mohawk. Osbourne used Instagram to debut a super cool twist on this season's trendy "zipper braid." 




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The OG zipper braid is a techique that uses a lot of wrapping hair around itself to create a cool zipped-up look. However, Osbourne and her stylist gave the world a different take on the 'do when she strutted her new "zipper braid" hairstyle along with totally shaved sides on the Daytime Divas red carpet, in honor of her guest appearance in one of the episodes.


How is @fashionmeetspassion this fucking good at hair? #SimplyNextLevel 🙌🏽💁🏼

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That on the scalp #zipperbraid I rocked for @kellyosbourne today for the premier of her VH1s Daytime Divas jumpoff!! Thank you for always letting me create from my heart and for your super super kind words!!! Could have been more on point but we only had so much time! Everyone is asking for a tutorial so if I get a few more requests ill try to throw one down by the weekend for @shuharipro @davinesnorthamerica !!! Big ups to our Davines Fam @ionstudionyc for your amazing hospitality and always welcoming us with open arms to throw down in your home 🙏🏼❤️ Mad love #onthescalpzipperbraid #butteryassbraids #butteryasshair #kellyosbourne #pollywogs #fashionfam #teamwerke #hairhomies #SHUHARIPRO #theonlytoolsever #toolswithintegrity #davines #davinesfam #davinesnorthamerica #donewithdavines #trendscenders #trendscending #sessionslayers #myteamsupreme #shokuninclik #weouthere #hairgame #werunthis #shukufuku #ionstudionyc @ionstudionyc

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And while DiMaggio didn't create the wrapped up look on his own, it's obvious that he has totally mastered it. He shared his secrets to nailing the remix of the zipper braid on the first try with Allure, so grab a pen and take some notes because festival season is here, and this is a perfect way to put that second-day desert hair to use!

  1. After washing and conditioning Osbourne's hair, he ran a small drop of post-color treatment (in this case, Davines Minu Hair Serum) through her hair.
  2. DiMaggio then dried her hair while pointing the dryer and hair back and away from the face.
  3. Next, he divided the hair into three sections, with the middle section being no wider than his pinky. Taking the center section, he back combed the roots and tied a really long piece of black elastic cord around it, using a double look knot to create an anchor point for the braid.
  4. DiMaggio then French-braided the hair by crabbing to the two larger side sections and using the elastic cord as the third section.
  5. While braiding, each piece was combed and sprayed with a blowdry primer (he used Davines Blowdry Primer) to give the hair a sleek-looking finish.
  6. To wrap up the look (Ha. Ha.), DiMaggio used what was left of the black elastic cord to crap it around the base of the braid and tie it off.

Happy (zipper) braiding!