Knock ’em Out with These Kardashian-Inspired Dutch Braids (aka Boxer Braids)

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Knock ’em Out with These Kardashian-Inspired Dutch Braids (aka Boxer Braids)

These cool-looking Dutch braids (also known as boxer braids) have been popular for decades, so while the Kardashians certainly didn't invent the trend, they've definitely revived it. Since the hairstyle can easily lean toward a casual, sporty look, pair your braids with feminine makeup and accessories to achieve the sisters' notoriously glamorous look.


This gorgeous braided hairstyle can be seen all over aspirational Instagram accounts, and thankfully, the look is easily attainable. If you can do a basic braid or a French braid, you can do a Dutch braid.

To get the look, follow the steps below:

Step 1&2

1. Make a middle part from front to back. Section off one part of the hair, and keep it out of the way with an elastic or a clip. Start to braid on the other side.

2. Take three small strands of hair from the hairline.

Step 3&4

3. Start to braid as close to the hairline as you can. To make the Dutch braid, you cross the outer strand under the middle strand. This differs from French braiding where you cross over the middle strand.

4. Then you cross the inner strand under the middle strand.

Step 5&6

5. Now pick up hair next to where you took that first strand of hair.

6. Add this to the outer strand, and cross it again under the middle strand.

Step 7&8

7. Do the same on the other side. Add some hair to the inner strand, and cross it under the middle strand. Use this technique all the way down to the nape of the neck. Keep the braid quite close to the part line in the back.

8. When you reach the nape, continue with a normal three-strand braid all the way to the end. Secure with a small elastic. Braid the same way on the other side. Tip: Check the back in a mirror periodically to see that the two braids match each other, paying close attention to their distance from the middle part.

To get the Kardashian look, keep the braids tight. But if you want something more relaxed, you can pull on the braid for volume.

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