The Lace-Braided Half Updo for Any Summer Party

by Ulrika Edler

The Lace-Braided Half Updo for Any Summer Party

For your next picnic, barbecue, or music festival, rock this lace-braided half updo. It’s wavy, soft, and totally boho-chic. So whether you pair it with a floral sundress, a romper, or a swimsuit, this hairstyle is perfect for getting hair out of your face but still letting it all hang down.


Half updos with wavy hair are my favorite hairstyles to wear in the spring and summer, and this lace-braided half updo is no exception! It looks effortless and cute with a boho vibe that’s great for summer parties or festivals. To get this look, you’ll need medium to long hair and a hair elastic. I prefer some waves or curls to give the style a more casual feeling, but it totally works with straight hair too.


Lacebraided Half Updo: Steps 1-2


1. Pick up some hair in the front.


2. Divide the hair into three strands, and make a Dutch braid toward the back of your head, incorporating hair only from the top. This makes it a lace braid. Braid this way until the middle of the head, and then braid normally a few times without adding hair. Secure the braid temporarily with a clip.


Lacebraided Half Updo: Steps 3-4


3. Do the same on the other side.


4. Gather the two braids in the back, and remove the clips.


Lacebraided Half Updo: Steps 5-6


5. Match the strands together so you get three strands instead of six.


6. Finally, braid a regular three-strand braid all the way to the end, and pull on it for some extra volume. Secure it with a small elastic.


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