Learn a New Messy Updo: The Modern French Twist

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Learn a New Messy Updo: The Modern French Twist

Creating an updo that's both polished and fun is often easier said than done. That's where this messy updo comes in. It combines the elegance of a French twist with the playful textures of a sea salt spray to make the perfect hairstyle for a variety of events.

Messy French Twist

Sometimes the traditional, tidy French twist just isn't going to cut it. For those instances, give this messy updo a try. A modern French twist will keep your hair off your shoulders and back without looking too prim and proper. And it's easy enough to do yourself. Before you begin, make sure you have all your tools. You'll need a sea salt spray, blow dryer with a cold setting, a comb, and lots of bobby pins, the bigger the better.

Messy French Twist: Steps 1-2

1. Start by prepping your hair with a sea salt spray. Spray generously, and quickly blow-dry on a cold setting. Use your fingers to gently scrunch your hair.

2. Tease the crown section of your hair with a comb. Add a bit of tease to the sides, and lightly tease the ends as well.

Messy French Twist: Steps 3-4

3. With your fingers, lightly "comb" your hair back as if you're going to make a mid-ponytail. Leave out about two inches of hair on both sides of your face.

4. Take the middle section, and secure it with a bobby pin to the right side of your head.

Messy French Twist: Steps 5-6

5. Flip the hair to the left and secure with a bobby pin. Continue flipping the hair back and forth until all the hair is completely secured.

6. Next, take one of the side pieces and pull it across the bun. Secure the piece with a bobby pin. Pull the end of the hair across to the opposite side, and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat this step with the other section of hair. Finish off the look with a strong-hold hairspray.

Photography by Karla Conrad. Hairstyling by Kathleen at Penelopie Beauty Bar.