Make a Statement with This Three-Strand Fishtail Braid

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Make a Statement with This Three-Strand Fishtail Braid

A braid can really be a statement piece, especially this gorgeous three-strand fisthail braid. You can wear a simple outfit with no accessories to let the braid be the star of the show!

Fishtail Braid Story Image

The three-strand braid is as bold as it is beautiful. It may look complicated to begin with, but hang in there—follow the steps below, keep trying, and you will succeed! This hairstyle requires relatively long and thick hair since it needs length and width to achieve the full effect. I have rather thin hair so I always use my clip-on extensions to get a more impressive braid. Follow the steps below to achieve the look:

Fishtail Braid Steps 1-2

1. Brush all your hair to one side. Make sure there are no tangles. Divide the hair into three equal pieces.

2. Take a small section of hair from the inner side. Use the technique with one finger that is shown in the picture.

Fishtail Braid Steps 3-4

3. Cross it over the strand it belonged to by twisting the hand 180 degrees.

4. Cross it under the middle strand, and join it with the outer strand.

Fishtail Braid Steps 5-6

5. Take a piece of hair from the outer strand.

6. Cross it under the strand it belongs to by turning the hand 180 degrees again.

Fishtail Braid Step 7

7. Now cross it over the middle strand, and join it with the inner strand.

Continue like this by repeating steps 2–7 over and over. Stay focused by repeating "over-under-under-over," and after a while you will see the pattern appear. As you go on, it gets easier to braid since the strands become more separated from each other. It's such a beautiful braid, so don't give up. Even if you don't make it on the first try, it's worth the time and effort. You can also do this braid in the back or on a ponytail if you would prefer!

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