Make Your Curls Last: Tips & Tricks for Curly-Haired Girls

by Lisa Kovalovich

Make Your Curls Last: Tips & Tricks for Curly-Haired Girls

To make your curls go on for hours, try these 10 tips.


If you use hot rollers or a curling iron in the morning, but your style is flat by lunchtime, try these tricks to help your curls stay put all day:


1. Don’t wash every day. Hair with a bit of natural oil distributed through it holds a style better than squeaky-clean locks.



2. Use a light conditioner. Heavy conditioners can leave a residue on your hair, weighing it down and pulling out curl. If you do need a thicker conditioner to combat damage, take extra care to rinse well.



3. Blot before you style. Post-shower, remove excess moisture from hair by gently wrapping it with a towel. Too-wet hair is difficult to dry and style.



4. Apply a volumizer. If your hair has a hard time holding a style, chances are it is fine and limp. Volumizer will give it lift at the root and a foundationfor styling.



5. Treat damaged ends. Apply a small dab of leave-in conditioner or hair cream to just the ends of damaged or chemically-treated hair. It will help smooth fuzzy areas, which in turn makes styling and setting easier.



6. Blow dry upside down. This gives hair natural movement and bend, a great starting point for adding more curl.



7. Choose professional-grade tools. They heat up more evenly and reach a higher temperature than many drugstore tools. Find professional tools at a beauty supply store.



8. Spray before you set. Apply a mist of hairspray or setting lotion to each section of hair before you curl.



9. Spray underneath, too. Don’t forget to apply hairspray to the underside of each section — the more hold you have within your style, the better it will withstand the day.



10. Re-mist during the day. If your curls are falling flat, spritz on a curl-reviver (Pantene makes a great one) mid-day. Follow up with another light layer of hairspray.