Master These Super-Cute Headband Hairstyles in Under 5 Minutes

by admin

Master These Super-Cute Headband Hairstyles in Under 5 Minutes

Summer is just around the corner, so what beauty tricks are better to add to your repertoire than these 3 super-simple, super-pretty headband hairstyles? 

A headband can be such a nice accessory when going to a summer party, wedding or one of the music festivals of the season. You can use whatever one you like; a discreet one, a romantic one or a statement one. It's totally up to you! And the best part is that these hairstyles take under 5 minutes to make!

1. The Tucked Up Braid

The Tucked Up Braid

This updo is so pretty for a more formal event, like a wedding or nice party. First you place the headband on top of the hair and then you take the front hair and twist it around the headband a couple of times on bothsides—it doesn't atter if the back of the headband is not covered by hair. Then make a braid with the rest of the hair. Roll the braid up and tuck it around and under the headband. Spread out the braid a bit and secure it in place with bobby pins.

2. The Boho Look

The Boho Look

This one is perfect for all the music festivals this summer! It is casual and cool with a boho vibe. Section of the hair just above the ears from one side to the other, clip it out of the way. Place the headband where you sectioned of the hair, then release the hair you clipped away. The end of the headband is now hidden under the hair. Take the front hair and join it together in the back. Twist the hair around itself and form a bun with it. Secure the small bun in place with bobby pins.

3. The Twisted Headband

The Twisted Headband

This hairstyle is so pretty and perfect for a party, wedding and even as an everyday hairstyle. You put on the headband of your choice on top of your hair, then you take a piece of hair from the front and twist it around the headband. Do the same on the other side. Then take a new piece of hair from the front and do the same again. Continue like this until you are happy with the result. If you feel like the headband is slipping, add a few bobby pins to keep it in place.

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