Millennial Pink Hair Is Spring’s Sweetest Trend

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Millennial Pink Hair Is Spring’s Sweetest Trend

If you're looking for a total revamp in your hair color this season, look no further. Millennial pink is the buzziest color trend of the year, and now one look at Instagram proves that it's moving to hair as well.

We're just tickled pink about the latest in hair color trends, and if you aren't, you're lying.

Introducing: millennial pink hair—the hair dye that has taken over our Instagram feeds, and come on, we all knew this was coming.

"Millennial Pink" is the buzziest color of the last year, and every major fashion label and home design site geared toward the generation is all about this muted Barbie pink. Finally, it's found it's natural home in our tresses.

The soft color reminds us of our favorite cotton candy, but in a way that keeps you looking chic and ready for spring. Not only is it totally ideal for anyone looking to make a change, but it's a color that gives some serious cool-girl vibes.


If you don't have light hair already, accomplishing this look tends to be a bit of a commitment as you'll have to bleach your locks to make the subtle pink show up. However, with it's unique neutral tones, and the ability to switch between a sweet and feminine look and an edgy, too-cool-for-school feel, it's definitely not a change you'll regret.

Check out these fearless Instagrammers for inspiration for your next salon appointment!




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