Get These Easy Boho Mixed Milkmaid Braids

by Rachel Weeks

Get These Easy Boho Mixed Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are an easy and adorable solution to any hair catastrophe, but sometimes even the most classic hair looks need an update. Enter the mixed milkmaid braid. Combine a simple three-strand braid and the ever-popular fishtail braid to create a braided boho look that is anything but ordinary.

Three-strand braids are always in season, but the fishtail braid has seriously dominated the hair scene this year. So, we incorporated a trendy fishtail braid into a classic milkmaid updo to create a boho-chic hairstyle with a slightly different vibe. While the traditional milkmaid braids look sweet and feminine, our mixed milkmaid braids have a rock-and-roll edge that looks as good with a leather jacket as it does with a bohemian maxi dress. Plus, there’s no French braiding required; if you can braid and fishtail-braid, you can make this style work for you.


Before you get started, round up a teasing comb, two clear elastics, plenty of bobby pins to secure your braids in place, and hairspray. Ready? Let’s give it a try.


Mixed Milkmaid Braids: Steps 1-2


1. Spray your hair with a texturizing spray, and tease it at the crown. This hairstyle works just as well with 2- or 3-day hair. So, if you’re working with hair that is less than clean, skip the texturizing spray and just tease.


2. Separate your hair into two main sections. You may want to clip one of the sections out of the way if you’re having trouble keeping them separate.


Mixed Milkmaid Braids: Steps 3-4


3. Do a three-strand braid on one section, and fishtail-braid the other. Secure both braids with a clear elastic. Use a texturizing powder, and pancake both braids, pulling gently on both sides of the braids for maximum volume.


4. Wrap one braid across the front, and secure it with bobby pins.


Mixed Milkmaid Braids: Step 5


5. Wrap the other braid across the top of your head, just behind the first one. Tuck the ends of both braids under them to hide the elastics, and bobby-pin in place. Pull out any pieces you want around your face, and hairspray to finish.


Mixed Milkmaid Braids: Final


That’s all! Whether you go boho or get grungy, this look is perfect for any outfit or occasion. Now, get out there and rock your milkmaid braids!


Photography by Karla Conrad. Hairstyling by Kathleen at Penelopie Beauty Bar.