This New Hair Tool Is The Easiest Way To Go Blonde

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This New Hair Tool Is The Easiest Way To Go Blonde

Going blonde now takes only seconds with this brand new beauty tool.

It's the age old question of "Do blondes really have more fun?" that gives us all the feels (and questions) about the new Pravana Blonde Wand. A wand, which can only be described as a giant, purple straightener, that clams to lighten hair seven levels in 10 seconds? TBH, sounds too good to be true (Ex. flashback to when we thought Sun-In was a good idea).

However, Nikki Lee, Nine Zero One Salon co-founder and the woman behind the tresses of Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough, endorses the new product, and if that doesn't pique your interest at least a little, we're not sure what will.

Using the Pravana Pure Light Crème Lightener — which the company says is infused with coconut oil to prevent breakage — the wand hovers over top of foiled hair to activate the color in seconds, which is huge (think Farrah Fawcett's volume-huge) compared to the hours we're used to spending at the salon or a DIY disaster with bleach at home.


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The Pravana Blonde Wand is currently only available in select salons. However, with the traction it seems to be gaining after only being released less than three weeks ago, we have a feeling it won't be long until this not-so-dark magic will be at your fingertips.