Pony Up: How to Make Short Hair Look Full in a Ponytail

by Maritza Buelvas

Pony Up: How to Make Short Hair Look Full in a Ponytail

Give short hair a boost and make it look fuller with this quick and easy ponytail tutorial for short-haired gals.


Just because your hair is barely skimming your shoulders doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun playing with different hairstyles. This pretty pony is perfect for women with hair on the shorter side who want to pull back their locks but don’t want to be left with that funny little stump that looks like a docked Doberman tail. Check it out!




1. Divide your hair into three sections. Create a low ponytail with the back layer using an elastic. Leave the sides of the hair down for later use. This technique allows you to get a better grip on short hair and allows you to build a ponytail free of bumps at the crown.


2. Squeeze at base of the elastic by pulling on each side of the ponytail. This movement will tighten the base of your ponytail and create volume at the crown. If needed, tease your crown before step 1 for more volume.



3. Use bobby pins to secure the sides of your hair to the top base of the ponytail. This step will hide the elastic band, allow for the sides of your short hair to be gathered properly, and create a look of fullness. I recommend placing bobby pins in vertically so they’re hidden and don’t detract from your polished, sexy look.


4. Tease the ends of the hair in the ponytail to create fullness and even out the shape of the ponytail. This will actually appear to lengthen the look of short hair. Use a good teasing comb for lasting volume and bounce. Secure with a hairspray that provides great hold (without the sticky factor) so your ponytail maintains its natural movement. If you have bangs you want to push back or to add a sweet touch, try incorporating a headband.


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Photography by Julie Riddle; modeling by Drew.