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15 Head-Turning Hair Trends That Rocked 2016

From rainbow hair channeling Lisa Frank to throwback Great Gatsby-esque bobs, celebs and fashion-forward everyday women were rocking some seriously awesome hair trends this year. Let's take a look back at the best looks of 2016, and then we can see which make the transition into 2017. (Fingers crossed for color that glows in the dark.)

Lisa Frank Hair

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Attention all ladies from the '80s and '90s  your dreams have finally come true, because those favorite Trapper Keeper designs from grade school are officially hot again. This time, Lisa Frank is making her way to your hair color, and it's a rainbow explosion hair trends that can't help but make you smile, just like this look from Keracolor Hair. Edge it up a bit with the tiger spots that our girl Lisa made famous on folders and stickers.

Photo: @keracolorhair | Instagram

Curly Bangs

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Finally! Even those of us blessed with curls can rock blunt bangs and not worry about pulling out the straightener. Whether you have pin-straight hair, wild curls, or watery waves, bangs were looking on-point in 2016. Model Mica Arganaraz sported curly bangs at New York Fashion Week, and since then you've seen the trend on celebs like Rihanna, Imogen Poots, and Zendaya, just to name a couple. Rock 'em short or rock 'em long, you'll be in style either way.

Photo: micarganaraz | Instagram

Crimped Hair

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Calling all '80s and '90s children: Crimped hair was back in a big way in 2016. If you still have that crimper tucked in next to your butterfly clips (more on those later), you can rock glam crimped hair as badass as Shay Mitchell, Anna Kendrick, Katy Perry, and more. Big hair, don't care.

Photo: shaym | Instagram

Pumpkin Spice Hair

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Your favorite seasonal latte (and seasonal basically everything) got its time to shine in the beauty realm with this seriously stunning pumpkin spice hair color. It's like an auburn color, but even better, with some people choosing to introduce either dark or light reds, oranges, golds, and browns. Yummy and beautiful, just like this look from Le Chandelier Salon.

Photo: lechandeliersalon | Instagram

The Wet Hair Look

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Queen of Instagram herself, Kim Kardashian West, definitely turned heads in this "just got out of the shower but still look fresh AF" look at the MTV VMAs. After her red carpet moment, the wet hair look was straight-up everywhere. Want to know how to get it yourself? Just check out this wet hair tutorial.

Photo: Allen Berezovsky | Getty Images

The Tight High Pony

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We can all thank Ariana Grande for cat ear fashion and the tight high pony. Sleek and sophisticated with a healthy dose of fun, celebs (and us celebs of everyday life) were rocking the hairstyle everywhere. Just ask Rihanna at the MTV VMAs.

Photo: arianagrande | Instagram

Natural Hair

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Though definitely not a *trend,* more and more celebs have been rocking their stunning natural hair in 2016, on red carpets and off. Badass ladies like Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, Alicia Keys, Zendaya, and others have been showing the world that natural is beautiful.

Photo: JB Lacroix | Getty Images

'The Great Gatsby'-Style Finger Waves

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Channelling Daisy Buchanan! These retro-inspired finger waves popped up everywhere in 2016, but for the true Gatsby-esque look, rock them with a chin-length or shorter bob, like this stunning Instagrammer missalohaandrea.

Photo: missalohaandrea | Instagram

Succulent Hair

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Succulents broke out of the pot and into fashion and beauty in 2016, but perhaps the most inventive tribute to the hipsterific plant is succulent hair. Pulling from the earthy greens and purples of the plants, this hair was for bold ladies everywhere, including Instagrammer mo_raven, who rocks this killer look.

Photo: mo_raven | Instagram

Hair Knots

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The punky trend from the '90s has introduced its glam cousin for 2016. Hair knots made their way from your yoga session to the red carpet and the NYFW runways this year with a sophisticated cool update. Wear them low on the neck, right atop your head, or wear two like fashion-forward Instagrammer mybeautygold because you'll be in style no matter what. Finally, a runway look we already know how to do at home.

Photo: mybeautygold | Instagram

The Glam Lob

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Retire that piecey shag and get a super sleek glam lob haircut, just like Khloe Kardashian, Margot Robbie, and other celebs this year. The long bob has been around for ages but just think of this cut as the most Hollywood of all the lobs.

Photo: khloekardashian| Instagram

Rose Gold Hair

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Nevermind what Pantone says because rose gold was definitely the hot color of 2016. Kylie Jenner (beauty maven as she is) took the trend one step further and introduced us to rose gold hair matched with rose gold makeup, which was a total game-changer. But it's not just Kylie showing off the trend, Elle Fanning, Emma Roberts, and others slayed in the color, too.

Photo: kyliejenner | Instagram

Hair Jewelry

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No, these aren't the butterfly clips of your childhood. This year was full of hair jewelry and hair accessories that made a bold statement but didn't look totally old-school retro. From studs to gold jewels, basically, if you were sporting some bauble or bedazzlement in your hair this year, you were looking on point.

Photo: sammcknight1 | Instagram

Voluminous Top Buns

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Your workout look went trendy this year, in a big way — and I do mean big. Celebs were showcasing buns piled atop their heads that looked larger than their faces and still managed to look totally chic. Alicia Keys rocked this look in the best way at the MTV VMAs.

Photo: John Shearer | Getty Images

Phoenix Hair, a.k.a. Glow-In-The-Dark Hair

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Self-proclaimed "hair activist" Guy Tang set the internet aflame with his tutorial on glow-in-the-dark hair, which he calls phoenix hair. Bow down because you can't possibly miss someone walking up into a party with this badass 'do.

Photo: guy_tang | Instagram

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