Quick and Easy Celebrity Hairstyles

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Quick and Easy Celebrity Hairstyles

We all want our hair to look fabulous but we never want to spend a lot of time fixing it. Try these quick and easy celebrity hairstyles and you’ll have fantastic hair in no time! 

Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle is chic straight from the beach. She looks so effortlessly put together with her hair in wavy, loose curls. It’s a great hairstyle for every day but it’s also perfect to downplay a more formal dress or to accomplish a more relaxed feel. To get this look simply spray some water on dry hair and braid all your hair in a normal braid at the back starting at the level of your ears. Continue braiding your way down but leave some hair at the end unbraided.  Don’t braid it to tight. Secure with an elastic band. My tip would be to use a scrunchie or something that won’t leave a mark in your hair. Now you have time to pick out an outfit, do your makeup, or whatever else you need to get done. When the hair is dry take off the elastic band. Comb through your hair with your fingers and spray lightly with some shine spray to finish it off. 

Kirsten Dunst is wearing this cute and simple hairstyle that looks so beautiful on the red carpet. It’s a great hairstyle for an evening out, a party, or a formal event. To create this hairstyle, make a deep side part, take all of the hair down to the ear and pull it back. Twist the hair lightly and secure with bobby pins or as in Kirsten’s case with a beautiful comb. To top off this hairstyle, curl the rest of your hair or feel free to keep your normal hair texture. 

Kate Bosworth is looking so cute in this curly faux bob!  To get this look, curl your hair if it’s not already curly. Next, make a very loose ponytail and place the elastic band about halfway down the ponytail. Now split hair in half right above the elastic band. Then, using an inside-out ponytail technique, take the ends of the hair that is left out of the pony and pull it through the gap that you created when you split your hair in half. Use bobby pins to secure your ponytail in the back. After you've created your inside-out pony, gently massage the hair on the sides for the messy look you want to create. Pull out some of the front hair to frame your face.

Jennifer Lawrence is really rocking this messy side bun! It’s a great hairdo for when you don’t want that perfect finish. Create a deep side part and use your fingers to gather all the hair to one side instead of a brush or a comb. This creates that messy feeling. Use an elastic band to create a side ponytail just behind your ear. Twist the hair around itself but don’t do it too neat and then twist it around the base of the ponytail. Secure it with bobby pins but let the end hang loose. Pull on the bun to get some more hair to stick out.

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Photos: Lauren Conrad by Dooley Productions/Shutterstock.com, Kirsten Dunst by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com, Kate Bosworth by s_bukley/Shutterstock.com, and Jennifer Lawrence by Featureflash/Shutterstock.com