Rainbow-Colored Hair We’re Dye-ing to Try

by admin

Rainbow-Colored Hair We’re Dye-ing to Try

When celebrities are looking to change up their look, they turn to a new and bright hair color. And with the proper hair care knowledge, you can get the same edgy look. So, we've rounded up some of our favorite rainbow-colored hair to get you inspired to mix it up.


Debby Ryan



Debby Ryan slays with this silvery-lavender look. We love how she keeps her makeup relatively neutral to let her hair do most of the talking.


Daniela Ramirez



Nany’s Klozet blogger Daniela Ramirez stuns with her long rainbow-colored hair. If you can’t pick a single color, don’t be afraid to combine a few!


Amber Rose



Hip-hop icon Amber Rose has done a lot of adventurous things with her hair. Here, she rocks some electric blue locks with nails to match.


Ava Phillippe



The daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, young Hollywood starlet Ava Phillippe is looking pretty in pink. Regardless, she’s still the spitting image of her mom.


Demi Lovato



Not known to shy away from a bold hair look, Demi Lovato doesn’t disappoint with this purple dip-dyed style. Combined with an undercut, this look is super-trendy and cool.


Ellie Goulding



Ellie Goulding’s rose-gold dye job is giving us some serious hair envy. It’s subtle enough to not upset your boss but still edgy enough to make an impression.


Hilary Duff



Hilary Duff is back, and she’s rockin’ some seriously adorable hair. If you’re looking to go blue and never go back, this is a great look to imitate.


Julianne Hough



Julianne Hough’s new Coachella look has us head over heels in love. Plus, that dress looks amazing with her baby pink locks.


Katy Perry



Katy Perry is best known for her bright blue ‘do, but we are really digging this purple look, especially with that dress.





If you can’t decide between two colors, take a page out of the Kesha handbook, and choose both! She makes unicorn-hair look effortless.


Keiko Lynn



While pastel hair is totally on trend, you can get an amazing hair look with brighter colors, too. Just look at fashion blogger Keiko Lynn’s green-and-teal locks.


Kelly Osbourne



Kelly Osbourne was way ahead of the curve when it came to pastel hair. Her many lavender styles set the tone for lots of looks to come.


Kylie Jenner



While lately Kylie Jenner has been in the news for her extra-plump lips, we are still talking about her awesome teal hair.


Gwen Stefani



Of course, Gwen Stefani likes to go bold with her hair choices, but this fiery hair look is one for the books.


January Jones



January Jones keeps it simple with a few baby pink highlights. If you want to mix up your look without going over the top, this is the way to go.


Nanna Oland Fabricius



Oh Land singer-songwriter Nanna Oland Fabricius looks totally chic with her bright blue bob and classic gown.


Michelle Branch



Singer-songwriter Michelle Branch keeps her rainbow hair look subtle with soft lavender highlights, proving you don’t need to go all out to jump on this trend.


Jane Aldridge



Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes takes "redhead" to the next level. We just love her tomato red coloring with darker tips.


Rachel McAdams



Rachel McAdams’s orange hair walks the line between natural and rainbow, and we love it. You don’t have to go all out to add a little edge to your look.


Rita Ora



While we love Rita Ora’s regular bleached-blonde hair, this light pink variation is so cute.


Nicole Richie



Nicole Richie has donned a number of fun-colored ‘dos, but this slicked-back blue style is one of our favorites. She proves that rainbow hair can look just as polished as any other color.


Christina Milian



Singer, actress, and reality TV star Christina Milian sports a bold magenta look, but she neutralizes the bright color by combining it with her naturally dark hair.


Dawn Olivieri



House of Lies actress Dawn Olivieri punched up her light brown locks with a purple-and-pink ombre effect that we adore.