This Hair Dryer Brush Has Thousands of 5-Star Reviews — And It’s Legit Changing People’s Lives

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This Hair Dryer Brush Has Thousands of 5-Star Reviews — And It’s Legit Changing People’s Lives
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Get a Kate Middleton-worthy blowout in less than 15 minutes.



This story originally appeared on InStyle.com by Laura Reilly.



No matter who you are, there’s no avoiding life’s Sisyphean tasks. From clothes that pile up the second laundry is done, to groceries that just won’t stay stocked, it’s like we’re living in a perpetual Groundhog Day of errands. But for people with thick hair (or hair that needs “attending to” in the morning), our styling routine is the thing we seem to be doing over and over and over again the most — and truly, it’s the one thing that can seriously eat into your schedule.



As someone with naturally curly hair, who for a long time liked to wear it straight, a big part of why I abandoned my morning ritual of blow drying and flat ironing was because it honestly took up to an hour. Who has that kind of time??



Since the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Brush first came out, people have been saying its name in the whisper networks that connect problem-haired women. A round brush that’s also a hair dryer? And can give you a Kate Middleton-worthy blowout in under 15 minutes? It seemed too good to be true.



But in fact, the rumors are substantiated. More than 2,600 reviewers on Amazon give this product five stars, and their comments make it sound like this dryer brush is the beauty miracle they’ve been waiting for. The feedback ranges from “looks like I went to the hair salon” to “truly the greatest thing since sliced bread!!”



To give you a sense of how enthusiastic people are about this product, I’m just going to go ahead and leave this top comment here in its entirety:



“I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Like, wow, who is that Wookiee over there LOTS. I have looked into having a third arm surgically implanted (Is this a thing? Who would do it? Vascular surgery? Orthopedic surgery? These are the questions that keep me up at night ) because my shoulders are so tired holding up a dryer and a round brush for eternity. I briefly considered making a workout video (“Toned Arms: the Hairdryer Workout”), but was informed by fitness people that there isn’t a market for a 75-minute focus on the anterior deltoids. I almost have to wake up BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP in order to have enough time to dry my hair before work.



This thing took me 8 minutes. I naturally assumed, upon finishing, that I had entered some sort of Amazon-created beauty time warp. I checked with my husband, in the next room, and in fact I did not go through a blowout wormhole. The silkier-than-silk style was accomplished by this miracle of a brush in 8 minutes (several more minutes were lost to running my hands through my hair and flicking it over my shoulder while smiling coquettishly in the mirror).


If you struggle with an overabundance of hair like I do, seriously consider giving this amazing contraption a try.”



It’s not just overly enthusiastic Amazon reviewers who seem willing to hand over their first born for this tool. The Revlon Dryer Brush has even made it over to the Twittersphere, where people are absolutely shook by the results.






It’s been called a game changer, and even a life changer by women who say it’s brought their hair routine down to under 10 minutes — something they (and I) didn’t think possible.





At just $60, Revlon’s Hair Dryer Brush is a totally reasonable price to pay for hassle-free hair. All we can say is: you have our attention. Shop this “life-changing” product on Amazon.com.

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