Say No to the Triangle Effect! 15 Hairstyles for Thick Hair

by Rachel Weeks

Say No to the Triangle Effect! 15 Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Every girl with thick hair knows the struggles that come with it: broken brushes, lost bobby pins, humidity frizz, not to mention the triangle effect. Don’t worry—we’ve all tried to go short and suffered the consequences. So, we consulted Loxa Beauty hairstylist Teddi Bickers and compiled a bunch of hairstyles for thick hair to get you a look that’s both manageable and fabulous.


Jennifer Aniston



Jennifer Aniston has been rocking the layered look since the debut of “The Rachel” on Friends nearly two decades ago. However, her long locks are much lower-maintenance. This relaxed look is easily achieved with a little product to enhance natural texture and a blow dryer to maintain the shape of the long bangs.


Zooey Deschanel



Zooey Deschanel’s bangs have been praised time and time again, partly because they suit her face shape and hair texture so well. “Typically women with thick hair have a lot more density around their face than finer-haired clients, so options for bangs are pretty limitless,” Bickers says.


Kristen Stewart



Kristen Stewart’s asymmetrical pixie is perfect for thick-haired ladies who want to make a statement. She keeps it cropped on one side and at the back and sweeps the rest into a dramatic side bang that wouldn’t be possible with thinner hair.


Connie Britton



Connie Britton’s long, blended layers are especially flattering for thick hair. Bickers agrees: “I think it works so well because the balance of soft layering brings volume to the hair all over. A one-length, bottom-heavy haircut tends to have flatness at the root area and wide volume through the ends, which is especially unflattering if you have a more round face shape.”


Julia Roberts



Like Britton, Julia Roberts wears her hair long and layered. But, in addition to layering her longer tresses, Roberts lightens them. This keeps the whole look from appearing too heavy and dragging down the shape of her face.


Elisabeth Moss



Elisabeth Moss keeps her thick bob from overwhelming her face with lots of blended layers and light, sweeping bangs. We love that she tucked it behind one ear to pump up the volume in the back and at the side.


Gisele Bündchen



Gisele Bünchen’s haircut is another perfect example of blended layers. It’s styled in a continuous wave but is still layered between her collarbone and a few inches from the end to prevent it from looking too thick at the bottom.


Jennifer Lopez



J. Lo’s iconic curls play to the thickness of her hair, giving her some serious volume. But notice that she left the ends of this style relatively straight to prevent the curls from creating the dreaded triangle shape.


Carrie Underwood



Although Carrie Underwood tends to rely on her long hair, it isn’t the only option for thick-haired ladies. “If a client is trying to cut down on blow-dry or styling time, I like to suggest a collarbone-length haircut with longer, textured layers,” Bickers says. “This is a great cut for thick and curly hair as well.”


Eva Mendes



To prevent thick hair from looking heavy and stationary, Bickers suggests “using a blow-dry serum when the hair is wet, especially a product that says ‘weightless.’ This will smooth the ends and also sometimes speed up your blow-dry time while protecting the ends from heat.”


Nicole Scherzinger



Talk about thick hair! Nicole Scherzinger accentuates the thickness of her hair by sweeping it to one side into a single waterfall of curls much as Blake Lively does in this glamorous style. Notice that Scherzinger’s hair is still thinner at the very bottom than it is in the middle.





Adele is known for wearing her hair—and her lashes—voluminously, but with thick hair it can be tricky. Bickers recommends her clients “avoid one-length haircuts. It creates a triangle effect and looks bottom-heavy, which isn’t complimentary on anyone!”


Isla Fisher



Isla Fisher’s long, straight hair works because of the layers. “I always suggest layers for clients with thick hair,” Bickers says. “Longer, seamless layers work best.” Her hair frames her cheekbones and tapers off toward the bottom to avoid the bottom-heavy look.


Ashley Greene



With thick hair, Bickers warns, “be careful with short haircuts, like a bob. Sometimes clients think that short hair is easier but then lack versatility with styling, like no longer being able to do ponytails.” Ashley Greene’s cut, however, is long enough to allow for some styling versatility, and the layers give it great shape and movement.


Julianne Hough



Julianne Hough keeps her bob from looking too heavy with long layers and sweeping bangs. She also flips the hair at the bottom out slightly to add texture.