Scrunchies, Begone! Great Gadgets for Pretty Ponytails

by admin

Scrunchies, Begone! Great Gadgets for Pretty Ponytails

Another day, another boring ponytail. Although this go-to option is utilitarian and easy when you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into your hairstyle, it’s okay to occasionally want something with a little more … pizzazz. The next time you reach for that trusty elastic band, consider using one of these fun and easy-to-use gizmos that make it a snap to get a fun and fast updo.


Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin



Just fashion your hair into a messy bun—no elastics required—and twist one of these pins in from each direction. They keep hair in place without pulling, pinching, ripping, or tearing it.


Vidal Sassoon Sure Grip Up-Do Clip



Get a red carpet–worthy messy chignon in a flash with this clip set from Vidal Sassoon. Put your hair in a pony with the included elastics, securing the clip at the base. Wind hair around the prongs and you’re done! The clip works on any hair type, as long as it’s shoulder length or longer.


Linziclip Hair Clip



This sleek and stylish clip works like an old-fashioned claw clip, but its unique shape camouflages the springs inside and maximizes hold. The Linziclip is perfect to put medium- to long hair into twists or sleek ponytails.


Scünci Expandable Ponytailer



In one easy step, create voluminous ponytails and sleek buns no matter what type of hair you have.


Bungee Bands



Wrap a miniature bungee cord around the base of a ponytail for secure, all-day hold. Use the others to create knots, braids, and other custom updos. Great for very thick hair! ($3.50, HairBoutique.com)


Goody Kimberly Claw Clip



A favorite among those with long, thick hair, this durable claw clip holds chignons and other updos perfectly in place. ($4.49, Walgreens.com)


Hair Sticks



If your hair is long enough, secure it into a loose bun with a pair of hair sticks, or just use one to accent an updo. Lacquered or polished wood sticks will move through hair without snagging. (Curvewood hair sticks, $6.99, ManyHorses.com)


Localoc Bandables Bobby Bands



This simple invention—bobby pins attached to each other via an elastic band—helps the wearer create simple but funky knots in hair of any type or length. ($5.50, ULTA.com)


Moni Poni Linx Ponytail Holder



The spiral design allows you to create sophisticated ponytails or half-updos without using pins or other elastics. The unique patented design creates the perfect amount of pressure for gentle but firm hold. ($5.99, Folica.com)


Clever Clip



No matter if your hair is thin, thick, curly, straight, or somewhere in between—the Clever Clip can hold it securely. This one-piece locking clip creates dozens of easy styles. (Available in blond, black, and bronze, $9.99, TheCleverClip.com)