Sea Glass Hair Is Cutting To The Front Of Dye Trends

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Sea Glass Hair Is Cutting To The Front Of Dye Trends

Pulp Riot Hair Color has introduced the world to sea glass hair dye, and you won't be able to look away.

While it's impossible to recreate the true beauty of nature-made sea glass in a physical form, it's officially possible to transfer those intricately beautiful colors onto our hair.


Here is my sweet collab with @jaywesleyolson from today's @pulpriothair lab 🔬. He didn't actually touch the hairs, but he talked to me about life while applying color, which also means he actually did hair. Right Jay 🤷‍♂️?! 😂😂😂 #lifewithnoJWOisntlife #JWOtalksyoulisten #iworkyoupayJWOitsonlyfair #wwJWOd #ifJWOaintdriviniaintridin • • • • • • • • #sdhair #sandiegohair #isaac4mayor #haircolor #mermaid #pulpriothair #rainbowhair #ombrehair #coloredhair #mermaidhair #colorfulhair #unicornhair #pulpriothair #balayagehighlights #hairfashion #highlights #hairpainting #fckinghair #imallaboutdahair #hairideas #hotonbeauty #hairbesties #theunicorntribe #haircolour #sandiegohairstylist

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Sea glass hair, a combination of blue and green oceanic hues, was the hair dye brainchild of a company called Pulp Riot. The created the shades to mimic the vibrant jewel tones of old pieces of glass that have been refined and tumbled by the sea. And the results are so insanely mesmerizing.


What's even better than just getting gorgeous, beach-worthy locks? Pulp Riot's semi-permanent color is vegan, gluten and paraben free. So you'll look good and feel even better.


Obsessed with this color ✨🦄 @pulpriothair is the paint @brazilianbondbuilder is the bonder #glammandi #btconeshot_vibrant17

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Seriously, look at those colors!


Seaglass⚓️Green #btconeshot_color16

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Sea glass ♡♡

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Pulp Riot is pretty much the main provider of these nearly-unmimickable hair dyes right now, and they only sell them to professional salons. (Which means you're going to want to get on the phone with your stylist immediately). However with Instagram starting to wave hello to this trend, we have a feeling it won't be long until they're just one of many companies with sea glass formulas available to the public!


Peek-a-boo @pulpriothair

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