Sexy Hairstyles for Summer: 12 Looks to Love

by admin

Sexy Hairstyles for Summer: 12 Looks to Love

From pretty pixie crops to long, beachy locks, summer is the season of sexy hairstyles. Look through our roundup of the best summer haircuts, with celeb-inspired looks that are playful and easy to wear. We have a cut for strands of every style, whether you're rocking a short 'do, long tresses, fine hair, thick waves, or anything in between.


Taylor Swift’s Angled Bob



An angled bob with soft waves is the perfect relaxed, face-framing sexy hairstyle for summer. The longer pieces in the front give the illusion of length without the hassle.


Katherine Graham’s Short Waves



Handling thick hair in the summer months can be tough. A softly layered, shoulder-length bob is a great way to get a wearable, sexy hairstyle without thinning out your tresses.


Lupita Nyong’o’s Textured Pixie



A close cut like Lupita’s is a must if you want sexy hair for summer with minimum styling time. A little bit of styling paste will give your hair a chic, mussed look.


Christina Hendricks’ Tousled Bob



An above-the-shoulder cut with short, piecy bangs is a professional and modern look for the summer months. This sexy hairstyle feels polished but playful.


Jayma May’s Relaxed Tresses



A blunt cut with minimal layers and soft bangs is a fun, feminine summer hairstyle. Blow-dry your bangs with a round brush, and add a little product to your natural texture to get Jayma’s laid-back look.


Bella Thorne’s Long Layers



Short cuts aren’t the only option for sexy hair in the summer months. Soften up the look of long locks with lengthy layers and sleek, curled-under ends.


Blake Lively’s Beachy Waves



Get Blake’s beachy, sexy hairstyle with a cut that’s gradually layered, starting at the shoulders and softly angling back from the hairline. The piecy texture will make it easy to amp up natural waves or add your own with a curling iron.


Michelle William’s Pretty Pixie



A sleek pixie cut with long, wispy bangs is a clean, classic, and sexy hairstyle for summer. The sweeping bangs add a youthful, glamorous element to short, manageable hair.


Rihanna’s Chic Crop



A pixie with short, boyish bangs will brighten both your face and style. This dramatically sexy hairstyle is the perfect summer solution for curly locks that are hard to lock down in the heat.


Reese Witherspoon’s Blunt Bob



A one-length, shoulder-grazing cut with long, side-swept bangs is a stylish option for ladies with fine, stick-straight hair like Reese’s. A little bit of teasing and texturizing spray will easily add volume to this sexy summer hairstyle.


Carey Mulligan’s Polished Page Boy



An above-the-chin page boy cut is an incredibly sexy and sophisticated summer look. The low-maintenance hairstyle is easily dressed up with blingy hair accessories à la Daisy Buchanan.


Lea Michele’s Loose Waves



Brow-skimming bangs that are a little longer on the edges enhance Lea's gorgeous cheekbones and oval face shape.  Loose, slightly messy waves are perfect for the summertime, curl large pieces and separate with some styling cream.