Short Hairstyles for Summer: Celebrity Looks We Love

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Short Hairstyles for Summer: Celebrity Looks We Love

It’s getting hot outside and long tresses are starting to seem impractical. Every summer I vow to cut off my down-to-there hair that sticks to the back of my neck and poufs up with the summer heat. I haven’t had the guts to do it yet, but with these stylin’ celebs as inspiration, I may soon be changing my tune. Check out the gutsy, daring, and just plain sexy cuts your favorite celebs are rocking this summer. You’ll want your stylist on speed dial.


Anne Hathaway



Anne Hathaway’s hair history has blossomed along the same route as her career. Transitioning from the mousy teenager in Princess Diaries, to sleek locks in The Devil Wears Prada to now, a womanly, piecey pixie cut for the Oscar-winning actress. Try using a texturizing cream or mousse for Anne’s hot summer hairstyle.


Halle Berry



Halle Berry’s spiky pixie cut is a textbook example of a sexy short haircut. Stylists everywhere are accustomed to giving out “the Halle” cut. But for the movie star’s signature style make sure to keep plenty of lightweight mousse around. This quick summer hairstyle will be freeing up your schedule in no time.


Michelle Williams



Michelle Williams ditched the bombshell curls she sported in Marilyn in favor of this sideswept, warmer-toned pixie. Michelle’s easy summer hairstyle comes from a little teasing at the crown to make a bouffant, before styling the bangs.


Audrey Tautou



A curly, slightly grown out pixie cut looks feminine and low maintenance on Audrey Tautou. Although the style works best on those with a little natural curl, a body wave from the salon can also create the short summer hairstyle.


Miley Cyrus



Miley Cyrus’s short cut blew up Twitter and Instagram with comments of likes and dislikes when she first made the edgy move. Despite all the social media frenzy, we say Miley’s hair is a bold success. To copy Miley’s punk rock look, keep plenty of pomade and styling gel on hand to create the spiky texture.


Elisabeth Moss



Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss looks young and fresh with a longer, layered pixie cut. The deeply parted summer hairstyle flatters her heart-shaped face.


Marion Cotillard



French actress Marion Cotillard rocked an edgy version of a pageboy haircut at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in Santa Monica. The angled style works best with bigger facial features like Marion’s large eyes and full lips, so as not to overwhelm the face.


Kellie Pickler



Kellie Pickler has never been afraid of bold beauty choices. Last year she shaved off her blonde locks as a show of support for her childhood friend fighting breast cancer! The country singer’s chic short haircut is a perfectly polished look for anyone in need of an elegant, fun summer haircut.


Nikki Reed



If you want a shorter haircut for summer but aren’t yet ready for a style as drastic as a pixie, try Nikki Reed’s chin-length bob. This popular summer hairstyle requires very little maintenance to get out the door and camera-ready. (Hey, it’s not just celebs that want to look that way!) A one-inch curling iron and a little hairspray are the only tools necessary.


Julianne Hough



Julianne Hough’s short haircut is another good choice for those who are unsure how they feel about a shorter hairstyle for summer. The uniform layers will make growing out the style easier if so you choose.


Dianna Agron



Glee star Dianna Agron looks nothing like the demure teenager she plays on the FOX sitcom, sporting a sexy chin-length tousled hairstyle. For a similar cut, ask your stylist to keep the back shorter, angling layers in the front toward the chin. I’m putting Dianna’s sideswept bangs on my own inspiration board!


Tia Mowry



I’m in love with Tia Mowry’s angled cut and long bangs! This style is perfect for someone trying to bring a little maturity into her style, or even just a little sex appeal.