Should You Get Bangs?

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Should You Get Bangs?

Who looks great in bangs—and who should never, ever try them.

As their beauty benefits transcend trends, bangs are a style perennial. Those always popular, face-framing fringes can enhance a long or narrow face structure, hide forehead lines or a large forehead, dramatize your eyes — even make you look younger. Some of our clients report they just couldn't live without bangs! Yet other people regret them as soon as they are cut.

Here are some guidelines for beautiful bangs to help you decide if they're right for you.

Cutting bangs is never, ever, a do-it-yourself beauty project! In addition to the need for a certain level of skill, there are so many considerations — from hair texture to your facial features — that go into cutting bangs that it is one job that should always be left to a hair pro. Bangs, let alone botched bangs, are hard to conceal and grow out.

One size, or type, does not fit all when it comes to bangs. There are many different types of bangs, and your hairstylist can work with you to determine what type will flatter you. Ask your hairstylist about short bangs (a new look); angled bangs (flattering for prominentfeatures) and easy-to-grow-out wispy bangs (ideal for those who don't want to commit to a bang style, as they can be easily swept off the face).

Bangs look best on straight to slightly wavy hair. Curly or textured hair should use layers or other techniques to frame and flatter the face.

Face structure comes into play when deciding whether bangs are right for you, and if so, what kind. Bangs work well on oval, long, and square faces. Avoid bangs if your face is round and full.

Oily hair and oily skin don't make for a good bang look. Realize that your bangs rest on your forehead, so if you're prone to breakouts, it's best to keep your forehead clear of hair. If it's just your hair that tends to be greasy, be sure you're willing to keep it super clean in order to keep it from affecting your skin.

For as many clients we get wanting bangs, we have others trying to grow them out. To avoid growing pains, we suggest working with your stylist for a transitional style while waiting out your bangs. The best strategy to pass the time stylishly is to employ hair products, experiment with accessories, and schedule regular visits to your stylist. Be sure to get frequent trims as they will help your bangs keep a nice shape as they grow. Styling products, like hair wax or spray, can keep bangs off your face as they grow. Conceal, or hold in-between-stage bangs in place with a well-placed clip, band, or other hair accessory.

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