Smoked Peach Hair Is A Combination Of Our Favorite Dye Trends

by admin

Smoked Peach Hair Is A Combination Of Our Favorite Dye Trends

California-based hair stylist Gigi Iris introduced the look to Instagram last week.

Hair dye trends have started to move from multi-colored, in-your-face unicorn vibes to more subdued versions of fun colors. We were pretty darn stoked when we saw our fave celebs starting to hop on the blorange color trend. And when tangerine hair became it's more saturated cousin, we were tempted to grab our keys and immediately head to the salon for a color change. But then we caught wind of charcoal hair and all of its mystery, and we realized that there was no way in the world that we could choose between this summer's biggest trends so far. 

And now, thanks to the newest smoked peach hair color, we don't have to.

Glam Iris, a California-based hair stylist is the mastermind behind the intersection of the summer's hair trends, recently posting a picture of it on her Instagram account.

It takes a few steps to get the desired color, though. To get the multi-hues just right, it looks like Glam Iris colored the client's hair with a dusty gray at the roots, and then followed it up with a few shades of orange to the ends, resulting in a totally wearable look we can't wait to try.

It's seriously like the perfect amounts of edgy, bold, and bright for the summer months, and with the dark roots and lighter ends, smoked peach hair is totally low-maintenance, too! So, prepare yourself for a summer of perfect hair color and zero time taken away from the pool.

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