Sparkly Tinsel Hair Is Your New Go-To Christmas Party Look

by Maggie Dickman

Sparkly Tinsel Hair Is Your New Go-To Christmas Party Look

From decking the halls to decking your hair, tinsel is the next big hair DIY that you’ll want to rock right now.


This year has given us an unending list of hair trends that we are obsessed with, from the magical Lisa Frank-inspired rainbow strands or glow-in-the-dark phoenix trend. However, tinsel hair is the magical new trend we plan to rock as we ring in the holiday season in style.


Tinsel hair is the little-effort way to get magically metallic hair without any kind of permanent commitment. The YouTube beauty world seems to have this glitzy trend down to a T. Beauty guru Zoe London gives us the lowdown on how to put actual store bought hair tinsel strands into your tresses, and she makes it look like a breeze.


You can pick up the hair-specific tinsel from sites like Etsy and Amazon, and after straightening your hair, create a slip knot loop to wrap around three or four strands of hair. (Don’t worry, the video shows you exactly how to tie the kind of knot you need!) Simply repeat 10 to 20 times to get a sparkly mane.



YouTuber Tasha Leelyn takes the DIY approach, and we love it just as much. In her step-by-step, you only need three products: Krazy Glue, hair extension clips, and tinsel. (The next step will be much easier if your tinsel is connected by a band at the top!)


Simply cut the tinsel into sections, and on each section, glue a clip or two. Once you have three sections cut and glued — one for either side of your head and one for the back — attach the extensions, and you’re good to go!



Check out a few of the photos below to see how other people are rocking hair tinsel.



Will you be giving the tinsel hair trend a try for your holiday party?