Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

by Morgan DeBoest

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

The hair you wear on your wedding day should feel glamorous and natural, which is why we rounded up these gorgeous wedding hairstyles for black women from our favorite bloggers and YouTubers. Whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid, or an attendant, these looks are perfect for natural-haired ladies and simple enough to do on your own.



Natural Hair Faux-Hawk Updo



Vlogger Phoenix Monroe uses a few packs of braiding hair to add dimension to this funky faux-hawk. She uses three packs of hair, three buns in her natural hair, and two-strand twists to create the look.




Curly Topknot


updo on a black women


Sometimes, a topknot’s where it’s at. Yes, even for super-special occasions. Vlogger Mahogany Curls makes it super-simple—just apply gel to hair (she’s on an old twist-out), and smooth into place for a sleek, polished look.




Edgy Updo



Asymmetrical ‘dos are all the rage right now. But if you’re not ready to take that kind of a plunge before your big day, try this faux version from A Practical Wedding instead. French-braid from one side toward the back of the head, and secure with bobby pins. Fluff it all around, and you’re ready to party!




Natural Twist Crown-Braid Bun



Keep it natural and oh-so-sweet with this twisted crown-braid bun from Sade of In My Sunday Best via Buzzfeed. She recommends starting with stretched hair to get the best results, but she started with a four-day-old twist-out and looks gorgeous. You be the judge.




Chic Twists



Who knew simple twists could result in such a flawless look? Vlogger Zarah Charm knew. Start with a flat twist in the front, and section the rest of the hair into more and more twists. The looser the twist, the bigger the style.




Easy Halo



The halo in this angelic look from ImShineStruck is made with a twist starting at the hairline. Start from a deep side part, and twist all around the head. Then tuck it in. Voila!




Twisted-in-Knots Side Bun



You’d never guess it, but this beautiful bun from vlogger Naturally Curious starts out with two pigtails! The figure-eight shape comes from wrapping sections of each pigtail around the opposite pigtail and then pinning into place.




Easy Vintage-Style Roll



We have a serious girl crush on vlogger ImShineStruck for two reasons: her glowing, dewy skin and this super-easy vintage roll. To get the look, do two rolls—one along the front of the head and one on the back. The two should meet on one side.




Soft Curly Updo



You need only three things to re-create this soft look from OnceWed: oil, duckbill clips, and hairspray. It looks like it should be more complicated than this, but you just section your hair and fold it in toward the head; then clip it in place. The step-by-step is super-easy to follow.




French-Braided Bun Updo



To achieve this whimsical bun from vlogger The Chic Natural, start with blow-dried hair for extra sheen. Then separate your hair into two sections, front and back. Flip the back section up, and French-braid from the bottom up, gathering small pieces until it’s all inside the braid. Use the front section to create a bun, and smooth the edges into place.




Halo Crown



To get this darling look from vlogger My Natural Sistas, start with blow-dried hair that’s parted in two sections. Twist both sections of your hair toward the back of your head so they meet in the middle. Tuck the ends of each twist into the opposite side, and pin into place for an elegant crown look.




Relaxed Bombshell Curls



When in doubt, fake it out. We love how vlogger Lauren Mechelle uses extensions and steam rollers to achieve these bouncy, va-va-voom curls. She blow-dried her hair beforehand but didn’t straighten it and added clip-in extensions to achieve maximum volume. For matching curls between the extensions and your own hair, use the same Caruso rollers on your hair before attaching the extensions.