Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

by Morgan DeBoest

Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

Finding the perfect hairstyle to wear to a wedding (whether it’s your big day or you’re helping someone celebrate) can be tough—especially when most of what’s online caters to those with long locks. Well, medium-length ladies, we’ve gathered our favorite looks just for you. Read on to find the best wedding hairstyles for medium hair, and get ready to dance the night away.




Waterfall French-Braid Bun



To get this sweet waterfall French-braid bun from Emily of Once Wed, start by putting a deep side part in your hair. French-braid diagonally across the head and down to the opposite side of your part. Secure the braid with an elastic, and twist it into a bun. Secure it next to or above the ear with bobby pins, and spray all over with a medium-hold hairspray.




Knotted Updo



Tired of buns and chignons but not feeling a braid? Jenny from Confessions of a Hairstylist creates a simple updo using knots and a few bobby pins in this tutorial. Just take sections of hair, starting at the front of the head. The easy knots and off-the-neck style make this a favorite for dancing the night away. See the full tutorial in this video.




Two Twists into a Bun



You can put up to four twists into this simple bun from Melissa of Missy Sue. Start with curled hair for the easiest twisting (but straight hair works well, too). To make the first twist, take a small section from each side of the head, starting at the temple, and twist back. Join the two twists, and secure with a small elastic. Loop each subsequent twist through the original twist, and secure with a bobby pin. Create a bun with the rest of your hair by looping a ponytail up into a bun and pinning it into place. See the full tutorial video here.




Wrapped Bun



This look from Kate of The Small Things Blog is perfect for the bride, a bridesmaid, or an attendant of any wedding. Start with curled hair (Kate recommends using a 1¼-inch barrel). Start by pulling hair into a half-up pony, but don’t pull it all the way through. Separate the hair that’s been left down into two sections, and wrap each section around the bun; then pin into place. Loosen up the front a bit to soften things up, and finish with a little hairspray. Watch the full tutorial here.




French Twist with Clip



This super-glam ‘do from Kate of The Small Things Blog looks amazing with or without the decorative headpiece. Switch up the traditional French twist look by starting the twist from the top of the head instead of the bottom. To get the look, start with curled hair. Texturize with dry shampoo, and tease all over before pinning into a French twist. As you pin the twist into place, crisscross bobby pins for maximum holding power. Watch the full tutorial video here.




Gibson Tuck



The braided headband is back—and this time it’s got a little more to offer. Try this tucked braid bun from Melissa of Missy Sue. Part the hair far off to one side, and braid across the front of the head. Once you reach the ear on that side of the head, twist hair back across the back of the head and into a bun shape. Tuck in any loose hairs, and pin into place. Tug at the braid for added volume.




Easy Bun



For a simple, fuss-free look on your big day, look no further than this easy bun from Melissa of Missy Sue. Just gather hair into a ponytail in the center of the back of your head, and separate into three sections. Tuck each section back into the ponytail to create a bun shape. Either pin the bangs back for volume, or leave them loose for a more relaxed look.




Teasing Tips



If you don’t have much experience teasing your hair, it can seem a bit daunting at first. But don’t knock it until you try it—teasing adds so much to updos and curls in general. Check out this super-helpful tutorial video from Kate of The Small Things Blog.




Hollywood Roll



When you’re working with medium-length hair, anything that will beef up your updo is a major plus. Find a headband that has a little padding on the part that rests at the back of the head, and use it to create this old-Hollywood look from Jenny of Confessions of a Hairstylist. Start with slightly curled hair, and just roll hair around the padded section of the headband. Finish off with a medium-hold hairspray.




Easy Twisted Updo



This romantic look from Anne of The City Sage works on any hair type—but if you’ve got naturally straight, fine hair, put in a few curls first for a little help with texture. Separate hair into three or five sections, and put the middle (back) section in a ponytail and then in a bun. Twist the sections on each side over the bun to create a multidimensional look. Use a spin pin to secure, and leave a few pieces loose around the face.




Subtle Low Bun



Low buns are a great go-to for weddings, but they don’t have to be hard. To get this pretty look from Emma and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, start by teasing hair at the crown of the head. Pull hair into a low pony, and fluff up the part of your hair that’s been teased. Separate the ponytail into two sections, and tease the top half. Wrap the bottom half over the teased upper half, and secure with pins. Style the loose strands how you want—we love soft curls.




Half-Crown Braid



This sweet style from Hair Romance works beautifully for both straight and curly hair. Take substantial sections from both sides of the head, starting at the temples. Pull each braid across the back of the head to the opposite side, and pin into place. Tug at the braids to fluff them up. For added glamour, curl the rest of hair so it cascades down from the crown braid.




Rope-Braid Updo



This stunning look from Maritza of Beauty for Bloggers is perfect for those who are tired of braids—and it’s great for summer weddings as well. Rope strands together on both sides of the head, and knot the strands together at the back of the head. Pin any loose ends up into the ropes. Get the full tutorial here.




Undone French Twist



For a more whimsical look like this one from Kate of The Small Things Blog, try “undoing” the classic French twist. Start with lightly curled or wavy hair (but remember, this style works on any length and texture of hair), and pin back the left side of the hair. Do the same on the right side, but flip hair up to cover the pins. Continue this process until all hair from the sides is pinned back. Make sure the middle section of hair that’s left out below the pins looks more like a ponytail and less like you just forgot to pin it up. Watch the full tutorial here.




Short-Hair Chignon



The beauty of the classic chignon is that it works on nearly any length of hair (sorry, pixie cut gals). We love this tutorial from Annelise of Bye Bye Beehive—it works especially well on long bob or shoulder-length hair. Start with curled hair (or even second-day curls), and use an elastic-based headband. Wrap the hair around and into the back of the headband. There’s a great tutorial here.




Two-Bobby-Pin Updo



We honestly can’t believe that this look takes only two bobby pins. Like, are those bobby pins super-sized? But after trying it, we are convinced—two bobby pins can hold any amount of hair if you do it right, as Emily of Once Wed did in this tutorial. Twist all your hair, and spray generously with hairspray to help with holding later on. Tie hair in a knot; then take the tail, and wrap it around the knot you’ve just made. Bobby-pin the end of your hair to your head, and you’re done.




Twisted Half-Up Half-Down



If you’re looking for an airy, ethereal look on your big day, try this half-up look from Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant. Start with curled or wavy hair. Twist the section right above each ear back to the center of the head, and pin into place. Leave it like that, or use a gorgeous headpiece to add some sparkle.




Simple French Roll



This classic French roll from Lindsay of Treasures and Travels can be done in exactly 60 seconds—seriously! To get the look, comb hair to the left side and pin in place. Then pull hair from left to right and roll the ends around your hand. While holding the roll in place, push in pins to secure. Watch the video here.