Sweet and Simple: How to Get This Rope Braid Updo

by Ulrika Edler

Sweet and Simple: How to Get This Rope Braid Updo

Combining two basic rope braid techniques, this quick and oh-so-simple updo is just as perfect for a night out to dinner as it is for a day of errands. Follow our easy instructions to get this updo for yourself.

Quick and easy hairstyles are a must when you live a busy lifestyle but still want pretty hair! This rope braid bun is perfect because it´s fast and it doesn´t require a lot of skills. Take a few moments to master this look; you can never have too many easy updos in your repertoire.


Rope Braid Updo: Steps 1-2


1. Start with a side part. Section off the heavy side of your hair just behind the ear, and secure it out of the way. Then gather the rest of your hair into a low side ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two parts, and create a rope braid; do this by twisting the two parts of the ponytail in the same direction and then around each other in the opposite direction. Secure with a small elastic.


2. Create a low bun with the rope-braided ponytail by twisting it around the base of the ponytail and securing it with bobby pins.


Rope Braid Updo: Steps 3-4


3. To create the top rope braid, start with two small pieces of hair in the front.


4. Swap their positions, pulling the front piece over the back.


Rope Braid Updo: Steps 5-6


5. Now add some hair to the lower piece.


6. Again, swap the positions of the two pieces.


Rope Braid Updo: Steps 7-8


7. Continue like this until there is no more hair to add; then simply make a rope braid with the end.


8. To finish, take the loose end and wrap it around the rope-braid bun; secure it with bobby pins.


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