Tangerine Hair Is The Sweetest Color Trend For This Summer

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Tangerine Hair Is The Sweetest Color Trend For This Summer

Tangerine hair color is a citrus-inspired hue that encompasses all that is summer.

The anticipation of the summer months tends to be all about relaxing and lightening up—and that includes our tresses. This year, though, instead of opting for some all-over highlights or going totally blonde, you might want to try going for something the latest in refreshing hair colors that is taking over our Instagram feeds.

Introducing: tangerine hair.

As pretty much a more saturated version of the uber-trendy blorange hair color, tangerine hair isn't actually as weird as it sounds. The citrus-inspired locks are a bold way to fully embrace the warmer months by being totally on-trend.

It's worth taking note that if you're ready to totally go to this Vitamin C-worthy look, you're going to have to spend some time in the salon. Getting the vibrant hue totally perfect could take up to four hours!




My fiery friend and her fiery tangerine hair 🍊🔥💥 #tangerinehair #orangehair #neonhair #sherberthair #creamsiclehair

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We're totally on board with this adorable, sunny trend. And besides, if it ends up not being for you, there's always the totally opposite and every bit as fab charcoal hair to try!