These Stunning Celebrity Lobs Will Make You Want to Chop Your Locks

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These Stunning Celebrity Lobs Will Make You Want to Chop Your Locks

Lobs, or "long bobs", are still so in. Celebrities have been rockin' the trend for several months now, carrying the fun, flirty hairstyle into 2016 effortlessly


Khloe Kardashian



Although Khloe has hair extensions put in from time to time, she really has one of the hottest lobs in Hollywood. She is a complete blonde these days and switches up her style with ease. When she’s embracing her lob, she either keeps it straight and sleek or she wears it tousled (our personal fav).


Jenna Dewan-Tatum



Channing Tatum's wife is all about that lob life! The brunette beauty's hair falls just above her shoulders. Of course having a shorter hairstyle is best for Jenna as she is busy chasing daughter, Everly, around! Fortunately, lobs look lovely on Mrs. T so it's a win/win!


Emilia Clarke



The Game of Thrones actress may have super long blonde hair when she portrays Khaleesi on the HBO series, but she actually has a brunette lob otherwise. According to Bustle, Clarke made the change last summer.


Taylor Swift



Is there anything Taylor isn’t good at? The country/pop star has been rocking her blonde lob for a while now. She most recently showed off her short ‘do at the Met Gala, with black lipstick and super blonde strands. Is a new, edgier Taylor emerging?


Dakota Johnson



The Fifty Shades Of Grey actress had longer hair for her role in that particular film, but seems to prefer a lob when she’s not at Mr. Grey’s services. Fans absolutely love the length of Dakota Johnson’s lob.


Cameron Diaz



The actress has pretty much owned the rights to the lob for years. Cameron keeps her hair at a perfect length: It’s super manageable, not too short, and definitely flirty.


Ginnifer Goodwin



The Once Upon A Time star has a pixie cut while playing Mary Margaret on the hit ABC show, but she lets it grow into a lob at times, which totally suits her. As a soon-to-be mother-of-two (she and husband, Josh Dallas, are due this summer with their second boy), needs her hair to be effortless while still being chic.


Scarlett Johansson



This actress brings the lob to a-whole-nother-level! Often wearing her barely shoulder-length hair wavy, ScarJo keeps it classy with relative ease.


Jennifer Lawrence



JLaw very well may be the queen of the lob! While she has often kept her hair longer for various roles, the shorter hairstyle really looks great on her. According to People Magazine, Lawrence freshened up her lob with some bleach, going platinum for this year’s Oscars.


Emily Blunt



The actress, who is currently pregnant with her second child, seems to like the ease of a lob. She keeps her hair at a perfect length and even did some balayage to push the trend to the next level.


Emma Roberts



Emma keeps her hair perfectly trimmed and often wears it with a couple of layered pieces framing her face. She likes her lobs sleek, and we don’t blame her! She looks gorge!


Rose Byrne



The Bridesmaids star totally rocks the lob. She plays with the length, sometimes letting it get a bit longer than a traditional “lob,” and frequently cuts in side swept bangs.


Kerry Washington



Earlier this year, Kerry took her lob to a new height by shortening it! Her hairdresser, Larry Sims, took to Instagram to announce that he “chopped” Kerry’s hair off.


Emma Stone



Last year, Emma’s hairstylist, Mara Roszak, talked to Allure about her lob: “Emma is really open and willing to change up her look, which I love. I cut bangs into her hair and gave her a collarbone-grazing lob, and I feel like that’s the modern way to wear bangs. Any shorter and it can look like a helmet… We played with it in a couple stages. First, she went blonde, and then we went a little shorter before going all the way. She has really thick hair, so I had to take a lot of weight out,” she said.


Kate Hudson



In January, hairstylist David Babaii gave Kate Hudson a new lob. “I cut off all of her hair. We cut off seven inches, I measured it. It’s a really modern, jagged, crazy kind of cut,” Babaii told People Magazine at the time.