A TODAY Show Beauty Expert Just Ruined This Poor Woman’s Hair

by Rachel Weeks

A TODAY Show Beauty Expert Just Ruined This Poor Woman’s Hair

We loved the diversity on the TODAY show’s “One-Minute Summer Hair” segment, but they should probably find an expert on ALL hair textures before trying to style them. Yikes.


Hair model Malia before her "makeover."


We are always looking for quick and easy hairstyles for those rushed summer mornings, so when we stumbled across the TODAY show’s “One-Minute Summer Hair” segment, we were intrigued. Unfortunately, not all of the styles demonstrated on the program were winners.


Beauty expert Deepica Mutyala set out to demonstrate a variety of quick styles on a variety of textures, a commendable goal, but she apparently didn’t get the memo on styling natural hair, and she—well—butchered it. See for yourself.



I think that we can all agree that the adorable and summery “before” picture—we love those bouncy ringlets—is so, so preferable to the unkempt “after” picture. Styling that “side ponytail” may have only taken a minute, but we cringed the whole way through.


Apparently the host was cringing right along with us because, after the minute was over, she tapped Malia on the shoulder and said, “It helps to be gorgeous, Malia.” Uh—not when you’re on live television, looking like a crazy person. But thanks?


Good thing Malia is a professional! Despite her mangled curls, she held that smile the whole way through.



At the end of the day, it’s great that the TODAY show is trying to diversify their beauty options, but maybe next time do some research before winging it on live TV. Do it for Malia.


Watch the full video here.