The Topsy Tail is the Perfect Way to Hide Hair Elastics

by admin

The Topsy Tail is the Perfect Way to Hide Hair Elastics

Tired of using bobby pins to disguise the base of your pony tail, only to have it fall out shortly after? Same. A Topsy Tail can definitely fix that problem.

A hairstyle looks so much more polished and professional if the elastics are hidden by hair. Even a simple, low ponytail gets a lift by hiding the elastic with some hair, and makes it look neat and put-together. There are different ways to secure the hair in place while covering the elastic and probably the most common one is to secure a section of hair around the base of the updo with a bobby pin. If you're like me, you may struggle with this method — it doesn't always feel secure and often the hair ends up falling out of place.

That's why the Topsy Tail as a brilliant way to get the hair to stay in place; not only is it easy and fast, but the hair is guaranteed to stay there for as long as you want to! For the sake of the tutorial I did a low ponytail, but it's the same technique for any hairstyle that includes an elastic.

1. Take out your Topsy Tail. The best thing is to use a smaller version of it since it glides easier through the elastic.

2. Push the tail of it through the elastic.

3. Take a piece of hair from underneath the ponytail.

4. Roll the hair around the elastic until you have a couple of inches left.

5. Then take the end of the hair through the circle of the Topsy Tail.

6. Hold the end of the hair with one hand and the end of the Topsy Tail with the other. Pull the Topsy Tail down and through the elastic and when it is almost through let go of the end of the hair that you are holding with the other hand.

Now you have a perfectly covered elastic that is sure to stay in place the whole day for whatever the day has to offer! You can find Topsy Tail at specialty beauty stores or online.

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