Trendiest Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

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Trendiest Celebrity Hairstyles of All Time

Historically, popular public figures have had a huge influence on the hairstyles adopted by the masses—everyone from Julius Caesar to Jennifer Aniston has inspired thousands of copy-cat cuts. Join us as we check out the trendiest celebrity hairstyles of all time.


The Bob



The most memorable hair trend of the early twentieth century, and one that has returned many times since, is the bob; it was first made popular by flappers of the 1920s, especially actress Louise Brooks.


Marcel Wave



Although the Marcel Wave was invented by a French hairstylist in the late 1800s it didn’t reach the peak of popularity in America until the 1930s, after entertainers like Josephine Baker and Mary Pickford sported it.


Platinum Blonde



Platinum blonde was probably the first hair trend credited to one particular film celebrity. Jean Harlow’s white blonde locks inspired a craze among young women in the 1930s that suddenly had towheads popping up everywhere.





Many a male celebrity has also sparked hair trends, including Elvis Presley who popularized the pompadour. Countless girls cringed when the Army cut off Presley’s luxurious mane in 1958 to give him a standard crew cut.





Hair really got interesting in the 1960s, beginning with First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy’s famous tousled bouffant, which caught on like wildfire and spawned variations worn by British singer Dusty Springfield and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot.


The Beehive



The bouffant soon inspired the beehive; piling long hair on top of the head. Among the celebrities to help popularize the look were female singing group The Ronettes, who exaggerated their already high coiffes and used plenty of hairspray.


Long Hair



In a decade marked by extremes and contradictions it seems fitting that the ’60s ended with big hair giving way to the super straight, long hair—which was Cher’s trademark for many years.


The Mop



Men’s hairstyle the mop was made popular by The Beatles when they invaded America in 1964. Over the years we’ve seen various incarnations, including a cross between the mop and the curly tousled Jim Morrison hairstyle.


The Pixie



The pixie first became fashionable with French new-wave actress Jean Seberg in films like Breathless. This crisp, boyish cut has held up better than most sixties hairstyles and spawned many variations, including Emma Watson’s cut in 2010.


The Afro



One of the first truly unisex hairstyles was the afro. Most closely associated with young African-Americans in the ’60s and ’70s, the trend was helped along by entertainers like Pam Grier, Jimi Hendrix and Diana Ross.


The Shag



Another hairstyle embraced by both guys and girls was the shag. Still the basis for many of today’s layered cuts, the shag was popularized in the ’70s by a wide range of celebrities, including Mick Jagger and Jane Fonda.


The Feathered Flip



Among the most iconic twentieth century haircuts was the feathered flip, which became the trademark of 1970s bombshell Farrah Fawcett. Fawcett wore the style on her famous poster, displayed in the bedroom of virtually every teenage boy.


The Feathered Bob



The feathered bob trend was largely credited to fashion icon Princess Diana, who wore it when she burst onto the scene during her engagement to Prince Charles. It became the first major hair trend of the ’80s.


Hair Metal



Few escaped the epic big hair trend of the 1980s, often involving perms and lots of teasing. The fad was actually sparked by heavy metal bands like Motley Crue, and acquired the name hair metal.


The Rachel



The layered hair craze of the 1990s known as “The Rachel” was named after Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends. The style was so popular it continued to thrive into the 2000s; ironically Aniston herself was never a fan of the style.


Layered Bob



Sarah Jessica Parker has been an influential fashionista since her Sex & the City days, so it was no surprise when her subtly layered bob caught on in 2001. Parker actually regrets the style, dubbing it “time to hide“.


Loose Bedhead



Supermodel Gisele Bundchen ushered in the loose bedhead ‘do at the turn of the millennium. This style was wildly popular, along with the various hair care products associated with it. The look is still going strong.


The Swoop



When Justin Bieber showed up at last years VMA’s with a swoop, it created quite a buzz, but some have suggested the style was likely inspired by Brad Pitt’s 1997 ‘do, which begs the question: who wore it better?


Blonde Bombshell



Fans look to Blake Lively as one of today’s leading trendsetters, so it made sense when her “blonde bombshell” hair became all the rage and made the hair color endorsements that followed inevitable.