Twisted Half Updo: The Perfect Summer Hairstyle

by Ulrika Edler

Twisted Half Updo: The Perfect Summer Hairstyle

Summer party season is in full bloom! Whether you’re attending a party on a beautiful summer day or a hot summer night, you’re going to need some hair inspiration. Look no further! This cute twisted half updo is perfect for both day and night.

The perfect summer half updo has a casual, relaxed, bohemian feeling to it; it’s perfect to wear with a summer dress and some cute sandals. And this easy look is the perfect summer style! Before you get started, I recommend adding some texture to the hair, like waves or curls. It works perfect on second-day hair when you have some extra grip in it. If you have particularly fine hair, gently backcomb the crown area and apply a light hairspray; this will give the bobby pins extra grip later. Now that you’re textured, follow the steps below:


Twisted Half Updo: Steps 1-2


1. Take a piece of hair from the front, and twist it toward your head.


2. Pull on the sides of the twist to create a little volume and messiness.


Twisted Half Updo: Steps 3-4


3. Secure the twist with a bobby pin at the back of the head. You may need two to keep it in place.


4. It should look like this.


Twisted Half Updo: Steps 5-6


5. Repeat steps 1 through 3 on the other side. Secure it with a bobby pin directly underneath the first one.


6. Now, take a piece of hair from the side you started with, and do the same again. Twist, pull, and secure under the previous one.


Twisted Half Updo: Steps 7-8


7. And repeat again from the opposite side.


8. If needed, arrange the twists nicely and add bobby pins. Secure with a medium-hold hairspray.


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