Two Dutch Braids Make One Easy Updo

by Ulrika Edler

Two Dutch Braids Make One Easy Updo

Dutch braids have a cute, casual feeling that is perfect for everyday wear; plus, it’s easy to replicate even when you’re short on time. Pair it with jeans and a knitted sweater or a dress with a chunky knitted cardigan for the perfect spring look.


This easy braided updo is a great one to be able to do in a pinch. It’s quick, easy, and perfect for those days when you simply can’t get your hair to behave. Dutch braids require medium to long hair and work on most hair textures; however, this updo is best on hair that´s on the thick side. My hair is fine so I had to really pull on the braids to create volume. Follow these steps to achieve the look!




dutch braids step 1-2




1. Divide your hair in a middle part, clipping one side away for later.



2. Make the first of the two Dutch braids. Try to keep it as close to the part as possible. You make a Dutch braid by picking up three strands of hair, then crossing the left strand under the middle strand, and then crossing the right strand under the middle strand. Then you add hair to the left strand, and cross it again under the middle strand; then you add hair to the right strand, and cross it under the middle strand. Continue like this, adding hair until you run out of it. Then you continue braiding normally until you reach the end.




dutch braid steps 3-4




3. Pull on the braid to create volume, and secure the braid with an elastic.



4. Make the second braid, and then create a knot with the two braids.




dutch braid steps 5-6




5. If your hair is long, create a second knot, and then fold in the ends.



6. Arrange it nicely, and secure it with bobby pins.



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