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Hair How-To: Celtic Knot Half-Updo

Why settle for pulling back your hair in a simple barrette when you could wow 'em with this cool Celtic knot? See how easy it is to create this half-updo hairstyle.

This Celtic knot technique is great for so many different occasions and you can wear it with straight hair as shown here or with some curls for an extra romantic feeling. I'm going to wear it to a wedding I'm attending this summer because I think it has the perfect combination of looking like you made an effort but still are keeping it casual. While it really is much simpler than it looks, you may still need to practice a couple times. But I promise, you will get it!

1. Pick up two pieces of hair, one on each side. Make sure they are long enough to create the knot.
2. Make a loop with one of the pieces of hair.

3. Take the other piece of hair and cross it over to the other side.
4. Pull the hair under the looped strand.

5. Now pull the hair through the loop as shown in the picture.
6. And thread it under the strand on the other side.

7. Now pull the hair through the loop again as shown in the picture.
8. Pull on the ends of the two pieces of hair and you will see the Celtic knot take its shape. Pull on it to make it even and if you want more volume in it. If you have shorter hair or if you're worried it won't hold all day, secure the knot with some bobby pins.

And there you have it, a cool Celtic knot hairstyle that will have people asking, "How'd she do that?" Give it a try today!

Here's a Pin-able version of all the steps:

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Ulrika Edler

Ulrika Edler is the creator of Yet Another Beauty Site, a site about beauty and fashion and with a passion for hair! As a certified makeup artist, a fashion stylist, and with training in hairstyling, she loves to share some tips and tricks and to do step-by-step tutorials. She mostly does the hair tutorials on her own hair but sometimes she convinces her sweet daughter to be her model to show some hairstyles for kids!

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