Upgrade Your Tuck and Cover with a Low Messy Bun

by admin

Upgrade Your Tuck and Cover with a Low Messy Bun

Take your tuck and cover to the next level with a low messy bun. This adorable updo is so easy you can do it yourself with your favorite headband and a few bobby pins. Give it a try the next time you have second-day curls and don't know what to do with them.


This twisted headband updo with a low messy bun is an easy and fast updo that's great for everyday wear. All you need is a headband and a few bobby pins, and you're ready to give it a go! I like to make this updo on hair with some texture in it, like second-day curls or some messy curls and texturizing spray if the hair is newly washed. Follow these steps.

Twisted Headband Updo: Steps 1-2

1. Put on the headband.

2. Take a piece of hair from the front, and twist it around the headband as many times as you need.

Twisted Headband Updo: Steps 3-4

3. Take a piece of hair next to the first piece, and do the same thing. Continue like this until the headband is covered with hair.

4. Repeat on the other side, and secure with bobby pins for extra hold. This might not be necessary for everyone, but if you think the headband might slip, use some pins to keep it in place.

Twisted Headband Updo: Steps 5-6

5. This is how it should look now!

6. Take the remainder of the hair, and twist it into a low messy bun. Secure it in place with bobby pins.

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