We Heart Valentine’s Day Hair

by admin

We Heart Valentine’s Day Hair

Get this romantic half-up half-down look in minutes!

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love—of our friends, our sweethearts, and our hair! Try out this braided, heart-shaped style for a night out or a cozy dinner at home.  It might look complicated, but it's actually rather easy to achieve this festive look. Plus, when you wear it, compliments are guaranteed. Here's how:

1. Split the top half of your hair in two parts to create the half updo Valentine's Day hairstyle.
2. Braid two classic, three-strand braids and secure temporarily with elastics.

3. Roll the braid around the base of the braid from the inside out.
4. Secure with bobby pins in the same color as your hair.

5. Do the same on the other side.
6. Gather the two ends of the braid and secure them with a clear elastic. Now you can see the heart shape.

7. Remove the elastics used to secure the two braids.
8. Curl your hair. I used Tourmaline curler from Amica. This step is optional but I feel that curls go very well with the romantic spirit of Valentine's Day!

Finished! Now you have a cute heart-shaped Valentine's Day hairstyle!

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