Wear This Hair: Braided Faux Hawk

by admin

Wear This Hair: Braided Faux Hawk

Get this look in minutes with these step-by-step instructions.

Kate Bosworth's faux hawk braid is both sophisticated and edgy. This style works best with medium to long hair with a medium to thick texture. 


To get the look, follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Start with dry hair. Divide your locks into three sections: two on the sides and one down the middle of your mane. The sections on the sides should start from the hairline around the middle of your eyebrow and go down to the nape of your neck. Take each of these side sections and brush them down tightly getting a sleek look. Join the sections to create a ponytail, and secure with an elastic band. Braid the pony and secure with an elastic.
  2. Next, work with the hair in the middle section, dividing it into two parts. Start with one section and create an inside out French braid from the hairline, working to the nape. When you get to the end, secure it with an elastic. Repeat with the other section. Now, take the ends of your middle braids and position them into your faux hawk, securing each with bobby pins.
  3. Take the end of your braided ponytail that you gathered from the side sections and pin it under your hawk braids. This will add bulk to your braided faux hawk. Finish this look off with a medium hold hairspray by Label M.

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