Wear This Hair: A Simple Braided Beauty

by Ulrika Edler

Wear This Hair: A Simple Braided Beauty

This easy, boho look requires nothing more than basic braiding. Here’s how to get the look in minutes.

Braided styles are still all the rage, and I love the many ways there are to make and wear them! Braids can be formal and a little more complicated to achieve, but for spring and summer I like to wear my hair in a traditional, three-strand braid. This version has a softness that will look great with emerging spring styles, plus it has a little twist: a braid within the braid. The bohemian vibe is easy to achieve. And honestly, it couldn’t be easier: If you can do a classic three-strand braid, you can create this look. Here’s how:


1. Divide your hair in three parts. I do three equal sections, but you can make the middle part bigger or smaller to switch up the look!

2. Braid the middle section and secure with an elastic.


3. Now make a three-strand braid out of all three parts, including the section you previously braided. Secure with an elastic.

4. Remove the elastic used to secure the braid in the middle section (Step 2).


5. Pull on the braid a little to add volume.


Now you have a fresh, braided hair style that took mere minutes to create.


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