We’ll Show You How to Nail this Easy Twist on the French Braid

by Ulrika Edler

We’ll Show You How to Nail this Easy Twist on the French Braid

Upgrade your basic braid with a pair of slim, three-strand braids tucked into a loose French braid. The look is cute and casual—perfect for summer fun.


Easy Summer Braid


Braids have such a casual, chic style to them and this one is the perfect look when you want to dress up the classic. It’s even better with second-day hair, because it gives a bit of texture to the style. Follow these easy steps to recreate this beautiful braided hairstyle.


Easy Summer Braid Steps 1-2


1. Take two small sections of hair close to the front of the face. Braid each of the sections in a classic three-stand braid, pulling the hair back as you braid each section. Secure each with an elastic.


2. Lift up some hair in the back and tuck the braids under.


Easy Summer Braid Steps 3-4


3. Secure the braids with two bobby pins crossing each for extra hold. Remove the two elastics from the braids. Release the hair to cover where you secured the braids.


4. Take three pieces of hair to start the French braid. If you need a refresher on how to French braid, check out this video tutorial.


Easy Summer Braid Steps 5-6


5. Create a loose French braid, making sure the ends of your small braided strands are part of the hair you’re picking up as you work your way down. Secure the ends with an elastic.


6. Gently tug on the braid to create more volume and texture. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to help hold the style.


Now you have a cute braided hairstyle—fast and easy!


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