You Need To Try This Half-Up Pull-Through Braid Now

by Ulrika Edler

You Need To Try This Half-Up Pull-Through Braid Now

Keep your hairstyle effortlessly stylish with this gorgeous, relaxed half-up hairstyle.


This bohemian-chic pull through braid with relaxed, natural-looking waves is so casual and pretty, you’ll look effortlessly fabulous. It’s a great everyday hairstyle, but also perfect for a dinner with friends or a date! You can dress it up or down, and this hairstyle will complement any outfit. It works on medium-length to long hair. You can do it on straight or wavy hair, but adding the laidback waves gives it that bohemian, casual feeling.


Follow the instructions below to create the look:


Half-Up Pull Through Braid Steps 1 & 2


1. Take some hair from the front and secure it in a small ponytail in a half-updo. Clip it away temporarily.


2. Take some more hair and secure a second small ponytail with an elastic underneath the first one.


Half-Up Pull Through Braid Steps 3 & 4


3. Take off the clip and divide the first little ponytail in two parts.


4. Take the two parts on one side each of the second ponytail. Clip away the second ponytail.


Half-Up Pull Through Braid Steps 5 & 6


5. Grab some hair from both sides.


6. Join it together with the two strands from the first ponytail and secure a new little ponytail. This is how you create a pull through braid.


Half-Up Pull Through Braid Steps 7 & 8


7. Repeat steps 3-6 one more time.


8. Now make one more, but this time when you have done steps 3 and 4 don’t add new hair, just secure the two strands together with a small elastic and release the little ponytail from the clip.


Half-Up Pull Through Braid Steps 9 & 10


9. Pull on the outer edges to create volume.


10. Make some beachy waves for a casual, pretty look. Take a smaller-sized curling wand, then take bigger strands of hair and curl, this creates those loose waves.


Now you have a pretty pull-through braid with some loose, beachy waves! For more tutorials like this visit me at Yet Another Beauty Site.