Zigzag Hair Is Throwing A Curve Into Your Throwback Hairstyle

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Zigzag Hair Is Throwing A Curve Into Your Throwback Hairstyle

Zigzag hair combines the nostalgia of the '90s crimp with the wave of 2000s to create a perfectly fun and modern hairstyle!

While we're wholeheartedly in love with the fact that crimped hair has made a huge comeback in recent months, for some, the '90s 'do tends to bring back too many unfortunate junior high memories. If you're one of those people who is looking for a way to mix up your Saturday night hairstyle without having to think about slow dancing with your 7th-grade boyfriend to Howie Day's "Collide" (hypothetically, of course), we have a stellar 2017 trend for you: Zigzag hair.

Zigzag hair is the perfect combination of the '90s crimped styles with the wavy textures of the 2000s to create sharp kinks in your strands, and the final product makes for a seriously rad looking mane.

Glampalm USA has oh-so-kindly blessed the world with a tool to get darn-near-perfect zigs and zags every time. Their Zigzag Styling Iron can be purchased for $220 online, and hair artists and beauty bloggers have continued to sing its praises of easily creating the fun and uniform kinks. 

However, if you're looking for a less expensive, at-home solution to your hair rut, this beauty blogger DIY-ed the look with a straightener and a two-pronged comb, and it looks just as fab!


N E O N 🎀 | love this #neon #colormelt and #navy root combination with the #braided #minibow #topknot on my girl @loki.lotus using #pravana 😍 Prepped the hair with @randcohair Outer Space and then wrapped the hair around a double prong comb and tapped it with the flat iron. Finished with @randcohair Rockaway and Mannequin ✌🏻️so much TEXTURE 🙌🏻 #style #color #neonhair #pravananeons #randcohair #hair #texture #zigzaghair #btcpics #braidedhair #braid #braids #behindthechair #btconeshot_color16 #btconeshot_braids16 #btconeshot_rainbow16 #btconeshot_student16 #modernsalon #americansalon #unicorntribe #taotam #dc #hair @american_salon @behindthechair_com @modernsalon @randcohair @pravana @theunicorntribe @alix_maya @jsherman_art @stylistshopconnect @bangstyle @hotonbeauty @teenvogue @buzzfeedtopknot @buzzfeedstyle @buzzfeed @nylonmag @glamourmag @authentichairarmy @hairbrained_official @marybehindthechair @elleusa @forever21 @instylemagazine @stylistshopconnect @stylistssupportingstylists

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A tutorial by beauty vlogger Angela Lanter also shows how to zigzag your hair using classic braiding methods, and how simple is that?!

We're all about mixing things up this year, and TBH with all of the possibilities to get this funky look, there's really no excuse to not give zigzag hair a try in 2017!